Empowering Moms-to-Be: Readytobemom Launches multimedia Pregnancy Awareness and Education Platform

· The initiative is aimed at encouraging women to open up about pregnancy related doubts and get access to authentic knowledge about the subject in the form of Q&As vetted by experts

· In collaboration with the FOGSI Young Talent Promotion Committee the Launch engagement is through a first of its kind Doctors Podcast Live streaming on All Social Media and Big FM, starting with Importance of Pre Pregnancy check up

Mumbai, March 14, 2024 – ReadyToBeMom.com, a program dedicated to promoting preconception counselling, Pregnancy care and Post-Partum care, has introduced a comprehensive information platform for expectant mothers supported by FOGSI Young Talent Promotion Committee. The goal of this initiative is to provide women with authentic information about pre-pregnancy care, minimize pregnancy risks, and advocate for regular check-ups before deciding to conceive.

A set of monthly interactive doctor podcasts will be hosted across various platforms, each focusing on a specific topic. This initiative comprises six series, with the first series available in both English and Hindi. Subsequent series will be introduced monthly in four additional regional languages, including Tamil, Bangla, Kannada, and Malayalam. Each series will feature additional elements such as interactive quizzes, polls, and more.

Dr. Rohan Palshetkar, a top Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Mumbai, Professor, D.Y.Patil School of Medicine and Chairperson FOGSI Young Talent Promotion Committee points out “The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently highlighted a worldwide rise in infertility rates from 10% to 17%. Factors contributing to this increase include age, delayed pregnancy, postponed marriage, and a strong emphasis on career pursuits—key life choices with significant impacts on fertility rates. While these decisions are pivotal, they may present challenges to achieving pregnancy. For women attempting to conceive, a basic pre-pregnancy check-up can prove invaluable in identifying and mitigating potential risk factors before they manifest during pregnancy.”

Dr. Tanushree Pandey Padgaonkar, Samadhan hospital and Hope IVF centre, Mumbai, states, “In the case of males, even when they harbour concerns about their ejaculation, there is often a reluctance to seek medical advice, possibly due to the fear of attributing blame to the partner’s masculinity. Prenatal counselling is infrequently sought in our society, and there exists a hesitancy to openly discuss such matters, even with one’s personal doctor.”

Dr. Apoorva Pallam Reddy, top Gynecologist from Bangalore, says “ when couples are trying naturally to get pregnant, the Probability of pregnancy is only 5 to 10%, and that is in the best-case scenario. I think, preconception counselling is extremely important, as we have to ensure that everything is all right. We will pre-empt risks, do some tests if necessary, we will make sure that the couples are not stressed and they get the right amount of information. We will try to do everything possible to help them increase the possibility of pregnancy

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