Enjoy air for every season with Hitachi Cooling and Heating ACs

Aims to offer year-round comfort to Indian homes with innovative Hot and Cold ACs

New Delhi; Be it summer or winter, extreme weather conditions in various parts of the country require investment in different electronic appliances such as Air Conditioners and Room Heaters. While air conditioning systems are relied upon for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature during the summers, room heaters are typically used in the colder regions during the winters. Sticking to its reputation of delivering cutting-edge innovation with each of its products, Hitachi Cooling & Heating India is providing year-round comfort to Indian homes with its new range of Hot and Cold AC.

The innovative Hot & Cold technology allows it to work across a wide working temperature, ranging from -15°C to 52°C for year-round comfort. With features like Expandable Inverter Technology, Penta Sensor Technology, Stepless Compressor Control, Filter Clean Indicator, SuperSlit Fins, etc., these energy-efficient ACs can be a smart addition to every modern home. Available in 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 TR capacities, Hitachi’s Hot and Cold ACs can be fitted in all types of homes, apartments, villas, offices, and shops.

“At Hitachi Cooling & Heating India, we always focus on the ever-evolving needs of new-age customers. Understanding consumers’ needs and expectations is always the first steps of our R&D innovation because at Hitachi ‘New begins with you’. We understand that modern consumers in India expect convenience and comfort without sacrificing quality. We believe that our unparalleled quality reputation, combined with the latest Hot & Cold technology, would effectively fulfill the expectations of consumers and help them in maintaining a perfect indoor environment in the extreme weather condition.,” says Nilesh Shah, Head of Business Planning & Marketing at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd.

“As the Hot & Cold AC can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year, it eliminates the need for a separate air conditioning unit for summers and a room heater for the winters. The advanced technology ensures faster cooling during the summers and uniform heating and moisture retention during peak winters. Whether the product is installed in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kashmir, or Cherrapunji, it will deliver the highest level of comfort, convenience, and hygiene all over the country.”, he further added.

Hitachi’s new Hot and Cold ACs come with a host of unique features to provide absolute comfort in all weathers. These ACs are designed to work in extreme weather conditions and can provide comfort in a wide temperature range (-15 to 52˚C). Backed by Penta Sensor Technology, these ACs come with multiple sensors to detect the slightest of changes in external and internal temperatures and the working of critical components of the AC such as compressor and motor to give enhanced comfort even in extreme weather conditions. Equipped with Expandable Inverter Technology, the compressor’s RPM automatically increases as the load on the AC increases either due to inside room conditions or external weather conditions, thus giving great cooling even when it is 52˚C outside. The ACs also come with a stabilizer-free operation so that consumers don’t have to add an external stabilizer unit saving both money and space. The wave blade technology in these ACs reduces air cutting noise while increasing airflow, ensuring silent operation.

With a plethora of stunning features and benefits of Hot & Cold ACs, it is time for consumers to add them to their must-have electronic devices list for a superior indoor experience. Customers can visit the company website to know more about the Hot & Cold ACs.

About Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited:

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited is a joint venture company of Johnson Controls, US, and Hitachi Appliances, Japan. Through this joint venture, we have combined the rich heritage and innovative technology of Hitachi with industry-leading expertise and a global network of Johnson Controls. The partnership is aimed at addressing the cooling needs faster, smarter, and much more efficiently than ever before. Our customers will stand to benefit from our world-class R&D centers, where our researchers work tirelessly to provide innovative solutions and quality products that are designed to meet every expectation. Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning Company has a global presence, out of which India unit is called “Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited”.

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited manufactures a wide range of products under the Hitachi brand, such as room air-conditioners (Split & Window ACs) to commercial air-conditioners including Chiller, Cassette Air conditioners, Ductable air-conditioners & VRF systems. Our company is not just limited to making air conditioners but also, into trading of Refrigerators.

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited’s headquarter is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a manufacturing plant in Kadi, Gujarat. Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited is amongst the top air-conditioning companies in India.

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