Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Bombay all set to host the annual Entrepreneurship Summit amidst the Startup wave in India

E-Cell, IIT Bombay, with a vision of creating job creators, is exhilarated to announce the 17th edition of the annual entrepreneurship fest- ‘E-Summit 2022: A trailblazing realm’. E-Summit provides a massive platform for investors, start-ups, mentors and students to come together at the same table and build great connections with each other. E-Summit’22 is scheduled for the 5th – 6th of February 2022, presented by WestBridge Capital, co-presented by Meesho and powered by Dukaan. The two-day fest that will be held in an online mode includes various events such as TTMM, Networking Arena, speaker sessions, content creation conclave, competitions, hackathons and many more.

The event TTMM, known as The Ten Minute Million is one of the highlights of E-Summit. The format of this event is somewhat similar to shark tank, where a start-up pitches in front of a panel of investors for ten minutes and gets a chance of grabbing on-spot funding of about two million rupees based on their pitch. It is a golden opportunity for start-ups to raise funds within ten minutes.

Another event that steals the limelight of the fest is the speaker sessions. This time, the prominent speakers are Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of Paytm; Dr Apoorva Ranjan, the founder of Venture Catalyst; Byju Raveendran, the founder and CEO of Byju’s; Sam Pitroda, the father of the Indian telecom industry. These speaker sessions will give a deep insight into the entrepreneurial world and will be a great learning experience for all the spectators.

Nowadays, content creation is in great demand. To cater for the needs of all the content creators and consumers out there, E-Summit conducts the Content Creation Conclave, popularly known as CCC. It hosts famous media personalities, journalists, youtube creators from different fields who share their experiences and expertise by conducting various workshops and sessions.

The RnD Conclave, better known as Research and Development Conclave, is a great place for all research enthusiasts to convert their research projects into start-ups. It includes speaker sessions on the state of the art technology, workshops from experienced RnD entrepreneurs and an opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of investors.

Networking is considered a mighty pillar for a business and other relevant opportunities such as finding jobs and talents. With this, we introduce you to another significant E-summit event, Networking Arena. Networking Arena is where students, start-ups, mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs connect in different arenas. It is an excellent place for making worthy connections.

E-Summit 22 has SBI Mutual Funds as the Platinum Sponsor; Paytm, Wells Fargo, Mahindra and Mahindra, Tamasha Live, Home Capital, iauro and Unacademy as the Gold Sponsor; FYERS as VSM Sponsor; JP Morgan Chase & Co. and WinZo as Hackathon Sponsors; Sonae EV as E-Bike Design Challenge Sponsor.

The summit includes something or the other for different people, be it an investor, be it an entrepreneur, be it a researcher, be it a mentor, be it a start-up and last but not the least, be it a student. This makes E-Summit’22 a must-attend event for everyone. So, block your calendars on the 5th and 6th of February and be ready to become a part of this incredible journey at https://www.ecell.in/esummit22/

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