Equitas SFB releases Circle of Life campaign’s new video, highlights perseverance is the road to success

Embarks in supporting Virumandi’s motto of transitioning from garage to greatness

India, February 09, 2024: Equitas Small Finance Bank unveils the inspiring journey of Virumandi, a beacon of determination and resilience under the ‘Circle of Life’ campaign. The video exemplifies his spirit of unwavering dedication and the belief that ‘work is worship’, while showcasing his life’s transcending challenges.

Starting as a mechanic in Madurai, his aspirations were met with setbacks when he struggled to meet the financial obligations of a loan obtained from a traditional financial institution, ultimately losing his cherished vehicle. Undeterred by adversity, he embraced the ethos of hard work as his guiding principle, determined to provide for his family in the face of adversity. As his unwavering efforts came to light, Equitas Small Finance Bank joined his journey to resolve the hardships as a partner in financial support as well as overall prosperity.

“Virumandi’s journey epitomizes the essence of resilience and determination,” remarked Vignesh Murali, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Equitas SFB. “His unwavering commitment to hard work and his partnership with Equitas underscores our mission to empower individuals to achieve their dreams, no matter the obstacles they face. We are honoured to stand by Virumandi on his journey from the garage to greatness. Moreover, it’s the persistence of people like Virumandi who are our driving force to actualize financial inclusion and exemplify our commitment to go ‘Beyond Banking’.”

With the assistance of commercial and home loans from Equitas, Virumandi’s trajectory shifted dramatically. From the depths of uncertainty, he rose to own a fleet of five large commercial vehicles, including a remarkable array of 10-wheeler, 6-wheeler, and 12-wheeler vehicles. Furthermore, his perseverance did not only transform his life but also enriched the lives of his loved ones.

The story of Virumandi, featured in Equitas Small Finance Bank’s ‘Circle of Life’ series, serves as a testament to the transformative endurance and the unwavering spirit of individuals determined to defy the odds.

The video highlighting Virumandi’s extraordinary story premieres on February 9, 2024, across Equitas Small Finance Bank’s social media platforms.

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02ul4kX-NYs

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