Essar Foundation organises ‘Dwarika Padyatra Seva Camp’ for Pilgrims

Bengaluru, 19 March, 2024: Essar Foundation, the CSR arm of Essar, has announced the commencement of its ‘Dwarika Padyatra Seva Camp’ at Kajuria Pati. The initiative, aimed at providing benefits to thousands of pilgrims making their way to Dwarika to participate in the ‘Fuldol Mahotsav’ (Holi), was inaugurated by popular leader Poonamben Madam.

Aligned with the timeless principle of serving humanity is tantamount to serving God, Essar’s ‘Dwarika Padyatra Seva Camp’ is dedicated to offering essential support to holy pilgrims. Providing shelter, along with provisions for food, water, and medical assistance, the camp aims to ensure the well-being of all visitors.

Commenting on the initiative Bhaven Bhatt, Resident Director – Gujarat, said, “Essar’s ‘Dwarika Padyatra Seva Camp’ highlights our commitment to community empowerment and holistic support for pilgrims. By providing essential amenities and a nurturing environment, we aim to ensure that every pilgrim’s journey is not only safe but also spiritually enriching.”

As a socially responsible corporate entity, Essar, over years, has played a vital role in enhancing the well-being of society and supporting the communities around which it operates.

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