Exclusive: “I have 6 films lined up” Ashish Vidyarthi on current projects, Raktanchal 2, love for Vlogs and more

– Harshita Dagha

Ashish Vidyarthi is in the house, making noise with yet another release – Raktanchal 2. His first release Drohkaal got him the National Film Award in 1995 and there has been no stopping ever since.

His social media videos are about love, fun and peace. “I just love love,” as he mentions in one of his recent Vlogs. However, his films show him as a tough character. We asked him if it was hard to imbibe a villian or an inspector considering how jolly and loving he is in real life, to which Vidyarthi explains, “I am a professional actor. When I approach a role, I believe the vision of the director has to be turned into reality.”
We asked Ashish if he was expecting the success of Raktanchal 2 and he just emotes with a pressed smile and crossed fingers.
The conviction with which he has said “Vidya ke iss mandir mein vidya ko leke bhed bhaav manzoor nahi hai hume” in the Raktanchal sequel reminds fans of the performer that he has always been.
We further ask him about a political dialogue from Raktanchal 2, “Ye CM ka pad koi zameen jaaydaad hai jo waseehat mein mileage.”
“What is your general take on nepotism in politics?” we asked, to which he said, “It happens. Life never told you and me that it’s going to be fair. Agar hum complain karte rahe toh bhi kuch nahi hoga. If we focus on being exceptional, we won’t be discussing if life is fair to us or not.”

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