Factors to consider while choosing email cloud solution for Your organization

Cloud email service providers are showing strong sales, and one of the main reasons is a growing demand for cloud email solutions as it is benefiting both SMEs (small-medium enterprises) and Large Enterprises. The global cloud email market is expected to grow worth 45.8 billion USD by 2023. One area that would most dramatically alter the email landscape is a shift in cloud based email service providers. The shift to cloud technology would also pull changes in data storage, filtering and searching, notifications into the spotlight. Cloud email solutions have become a must-have tool for businesses to stay connected and grow their reach. But to get the most out of it, organizations need to choose the right cloud email solution.

It is hard to figure out which cloud email service provider suits best for an organization. There is no easy way to compare and contrast the differences between them because each cloud email service provider works in a different way. With all the options available, the cloud email decision is the most critical aspect of a business. It might be difficult for a business to take care of its business without the right software and infrastructure that could improve the efficiency and productivity. And this is true with any business, not just large enterprises. A cloud-based email solution not only provides a functional email operations solution but also enhances user privacy, storage, security, backup and management, and scalability.

Factors to consider while choosing email cloud solution for SME:

Email cloud solutions are gaining traction among SMEs due to its huge market potential. At the same time, the SMEs have started to choose a dedicated email marketing solution, as these platforms offer a better user experience. It is tricky to choose an email cloud solution given the diverse features and varied prices. The factors one can consider before making a selection of email service providers. By analysing the features, benefits and pricing of one of the main competitors, organizations can make a more informed decision.

Factors to consider while choosing email cloud solution for large enterprise:

One of the major factors that needs attention and solution in large enterprises is the security aspects and email spamming. There are nearly two-thirds of spam emails sent every day. More than 90% of spam messages are sent from email services and more than 40% of spam messages are generated from outside the country. These may also target to breach the security of the organization. There are only two ways a company can avoid spam emails; by going offline or by using a third-party email security solution for the company. Large enterprises have a great option in the form of an advanced email cloud service which could address these.

Shivaami provides Google email cloud solutions, an integral component of the entire Google Workspace, to start-ups or an SME at an affordable price. Google email cloud solutions provide better digital security when using the cloud email servers instead of the on-site servers. Cloud computing security is the number one priority for large email providers. With Google email cloud solutions, enterprises enjoy the simplicity of being able to change the user license counts, storage space, and compute capacity either up or down, depending on the unique requirements, with the improved scalability that cloud-based email provides.

If the email server gets attacked by a virus or threat, recovering the lost data can be quite difficult. Sometimes it is impossible to recover the lost data and files. By using the cloud-based email server, enterprises can easily recover the data, contacts, or files within the email system. When organizations make the switch to cloud-based servers, it allows their team members to work remotely and access the files from anywhere. Google workspace is built with the security, reliability and cloud infrastructure necessary to keep information, identities, applications and devices safe of any SBE or large enterprise.

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