Fateh Education shares insight into Financial strategies and Post-Study employment goals of students aspiring to study abroad

The survey finds that 84.6% of students express a strong desire to work in their study destination.

New Delhi, March 18, 2024: Fateh Education, a leading study abroad consultancy, recently conducted a comprehensive study delving into the preferences of Indian students aspiring to study abroad. The research, encompassing a diverse sample of over 300 students nationwide, sheds light on critical aspects of financial planning and employment aspirations.

Focusing on student outcomes, the survey delves into employment goals, highlighting that a staggering 84.6% of students expressed a strong desire to work in their study destination. This preference reflects the students’ intention to leverage their international education for professional opportunities in the country where they pursued their education. These students believe that they can further enhance their skills and knowledge gained during their international education with exposure to the industry there. They also see it as a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and network with professionals in their field of interest. For some, it is also an opportunity to build a career and settle abroad. Meanwhile, 6.3% express a preference for working in their home country showcasing that they believe that there are professional opportunities available in their home country that align with their career goals; and 9.1% have alternative plans, entrepreneurship, or pursuing opportunities in a different country altogether.

The survey also brings forth the diverse financial strategies adopted by students planning to study abroad – a significant portion, comprising 38.5% of the students opt for self-financing, thus, highlighting a robust financial commitment to their higher education plans. Meanwhile, 27.5% prefer partial loans and 34% plan on funding their education entirely through an education loan.

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Suneet Singh Kochar, CEO and Co-Founder of Fateh Education said, “Being a preferred direct partner for the top universities in the UK and Ireland, the onus is on us to understand and communicate student expectations and preferences to the universities. I strongly believe that when student voices are heard, we will add value to the ecosystem in the host country, resulting in better policies and stronger student outcomes.

“For Indian students, it is a significant investment that they are making in their education and we at Fateh Education believe that our counselling should transform their lives and create lasting social impact, hence, we focus on personalised counselling addressing individual socio-economic situations, personality types and most importantly career goals.”

Fateh Education has been providing personalized international higher education consulting to study in the UK and Ireland. Fateh has over 120 university partnerships and 200 plus employees across 9 offices in India. The organization is also a member of the British Council with UCAS accreditation and is an authorized partner of Education in Ireland. Since its inception, Fateh has guided over 35000 students to conquer their dreams.

The ongoing research conducted at Fateh Education through their Knowledge Centre aims to help universities create a more inclusive and supportive environment for international (Indian) students, ultimately enhancing the overall study abroad and transnational education experience.

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