FILMCOIN: A Project For Film and Television Fans To Keep Their Eye on

What is FLIKS?

An ERC-20 utility token built on the secure Ethereum Network, FILMCOIN (FLIKS) is designed as a long-term project made to fit into everyday life. Aspiring to decentralise the Film and Television industry worldwide, FILMCOIN believes in establishing an ecosystem for both existing and new film and television content worldwide. This grants those in the entertainment industry equal opportunity to benefit from and integrate cryptocurrency, smart ledgers and blockchain technology into their enterprises. Through creating utility for its holders and delivering content through one-of-a-kind NFTs and e-commerce channels, FLIKS has boundless potential and is expected to grow rapidly along with its passionate community.

FLIKS Token Overview

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Circulation Supply: 130,000,000

Trade Pair: FLIKS/USDT

Pre sale launched on: 10th March 2022

Listed on Coinstore: 13 April 2022


What is the Token Utility of FLIKS?

As a project with ambitious goals to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into one of the largest grossing and widespread industries in the world – the film and entertainment industry. FLIKS has multiple use-cases as a utility tokensuch as:

Owning FILMCOIN-themed items such as Avatars, collectives, digital swag, and various forms of film-themed art

The creation of FILMCOIN’s Marketplace where FILMCOIN NFT holders can buy, sell, and trade film and television content

Access to an exclusive NFT platform to support FIAT transactions and use FLIKS and various other cryptocurrencies to purchase from the platform

Joining the FILMCOIN Community that provides opportubnities to participate in the making of movies

Offering a range of gamification solutions through their digital e-commerce and social media ecosystems

Bridging the gap between digital and fiat networks

At the time of writing, one FLIKS token is valued at $0.008246434324~USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $34,354.39 USD, and a steep rise in price by 75.0% in the last 24-hours.

A Closer Look at FLIKS’ Tokenomics

FLIKS has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 and a total circulation supply of 130,000,000.

More details of FLIK’s tokenomics can be seen as such:

20% tokens attributed to FLIKS Founders

4% tokens allocated to its Team

32% tokens distributed to Treasury

10% tokens for Liquidity

4% tokens issued to Partnerships

2% tokens designed for its Burn Wallet

10% tokens allocated to Marketing

8% tokens distributed to its Community

4% tokens given to its Launch Pad

4% tokens for its Public Sale

2% tokens for its Private Sale

FLIKS’ Roadmap

As a visionary project with multiple plans for enhancing the Film, Television, and Entertainment industry, FLIKS has mapped out several milestones in its roadmap to achieve its goals. Here’s a look at FLIK’s roadmap:

Launching their official Utility Token Project by April 2022 – COMPLETED

Developing their Mobile App and Gamification NFTs by April 2022 – COMPLETED

Finance through the crypto economy its first feature film – COMPLETED

Launching the FILMCOIN NFT and Avatar platform to drive adoption, community engagement, partner acquisition and collaboration across all film and television productions – THE OG NFT LAUNCHES MAY 2022

Scaling and further developing their own digital e-commerce ecosystem for film-related content including music, artist/actor engagement, ticketing, merchandising, acting roles, FILMCOIN loyalty rewards, brand placements, and associated partnerships. – UNDERWAY WITH MAJOR DEALS TO BE ANNOUCED IN JUNE

Users interested in facilitating the digital entertainment industry’s transition to cryptocurrency and blockchain can check out FLIK’s at and be a part of this unique project!

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