FITPASS and Wexer join forces to revolutionize digital fitness in India, expanding global influence

This partnership signifies Wexer’s debut in the Indian market, where FITPASS aims at making fitness accessible and affordable to nearly 50% of India’s youth residing in tier 3 and tier 4 cities.

India, 15th February 2024: In a pivotal move that reshapes the Indian fitness industry, FITPASS, the nation’s leading fitness and wellness platform, has joined forces with Wexer, the world’s leading digital content provider. This strategic partnership heralds Wexer’s foray in the Indian market and signifies a new era in digital fitness. FITPASS’s collaboration with Wexer is not just a business arrangement but a pathway to innovation and long-term growth. It aims to revolutionize both the Indian and global fitness technology sectors, leveraging FITPASS’s vast network and Wexer’s expertise in digital solutions to create unparalleled fitness experiences.

By joining forces with Wexer, FITPASS not only expands its global influence, gaining access to over 4000 global studios but also solidifies its position as a global fitness authority. This partnership also marks Wexer’s strategic entry into the Indian market, leveraging FITPASS’s robust customer base and expansive network to make a profound impact on the Indian and global fitness technology sectors. With a focus on blending localized insights with global expertise, this synergy is set to transform the fitness landscape.

The partnership is uniquely tailored to the diverse needs of the Indian population, customizing Wexer’s offerings to cater to a wide range of demographics, from teenagers to the elderly. A significant emphasis is placed on enhancing the accessibility and affordability of fitness solutions in India’s tier 3 and tier 4 cities, where nearly 50% of the nation’s youth resides. This approach underscores FITPASS’s commitment to inclusivity and its mission to make fitness accessible to every corner of the country.

At the core of this collaboration lies the commitment to provide affordable, inclusive fitness solutions, particularly in India’s underrepresented areas. FITPASS’s dedication to making fitness accessible and budget-friendly aims at bridging the fitness divide, targeting young, internet-savvy, and well-informed consumers in these regions.

The collaboration boasts an extensive range of Fitness & Wellness Modalities, including Bootcamp, Cycle, Box & Fight, Cardio, Cycling, Dance, Pilates, Strength, Stretch & Recover, Wellness, and Yoga. Featuring over 2900 international trainers from more than 50 countries, the partnership reflects FITPASS’s commitment to delivering a holistic fitness experience to all age groups.

FITPASS’s services include specialized programs for teenagers, pregnant women, and postpartum women, offering comprehensive health approaches and online videos. This attention to diverse demographics underscores FITPASS’s holistic approach to health and wellness.

Enhancing FITPASS-TV, the collaboration incorporates content from globally renowned studios and trainers, leveraging Wexer’s fitness technology expertise. This development makes premium fitness content accessible to millions of existing and new users.

Akshay Verma, Co-founder of FITPASS, shares his vision for the partnership, emphasizing the strategic importance of making fitness accessible across India, including rural areas. “Our strategic partnership with Wexer is a pivotal step in redefining fitness accessibility in India, home to the world’s largest working population. This collaboration is more than a business alignment; it’s about fueling innovation and long-term growth in fitness culture. By enhancing FITPASS offerings, we aim to empower India’s vast workforce to be fit, strong, and healthy. Our mission extends beyond urban centers; we are committed to penetrating rural areas, which house a large part of our population across age groups. With Wexer’s expertise in fitness technology, we aspire to bridge the fitness accessibility gap, making top-tier fitness experiences a reality for every Indian, regardless of their location. FITPASS TV is just the beginning – our vision is to reach millions more, transforming fitness into a way of life for the entire nation.”

Sam Aldred, Head of APAC at Wexer, shares his excitement about the association, stating, “Wexer is thrilled to support FITPASS, a rapidly expanding and forward-thinking brand, in broadening their digital offerings. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Wexer in India, and the partnership aligns seamlessly with Wexer’s brand motto, adding value by enhancing accessibility and engagement in the evolving fitness landscape.”

The partnership not only opens up significant growth opportunities in India’s fitness and wellness sector but also showcases the shared commitment of both organizations to delivering exceptional fitness experiences nationwide, contributing to holistic well-being.

Exclusive videos from this collaboration can be accessed on the official FITPASS website.


FITPASS, India’s largest smart membership program for universal fitness and wellness, is on a mission to conquer inactivity by inspiring people to seamlessly integrate fitness into their daily lives. Founded by siblings Akshay Verma and Arushi Verma in 2015, FITPASS has revolutionized fitness accessibility by establishing an extensive network of gyms and fitness studios that are both accessible and affordable for all. Their core belief is that “working out should work out,” and to that end, FITPASS offers an app-based subscription service providing unlimited access to a carefully curated network of 7500+ premium gyms and fitness studios across India. In addition to this impressive array of fitness centers, FITPASS introduces its users to a world of tailored wellness experiences. With AI-powered coaching plans, personal nutritionists, and the innovative FITPASS TV, fitness is literally at your fingertips. FITPASS is committed to customizing every individual’s wellness journey, helping them feel good and be well. Rooted in their #YourFitnessYourWay philosophy, they empower people to achieve their fitness goals by catering to their unique needs and requirements.

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