Fort Rajwada’s Murals: Bringing Ayodhya’s Cultural Legacy to Jaisalmer

[New Delhi, 19th January, 2024] — Celebrating its timeless heritage, Fort Rajwada proudly presents its enduring murals, intricately narrating the tales of the Ramayana and sacred unions. These long-standing murals, woven into the fort’s architectural narrative, symbolize a cultural resonance that echoes through the corridors of time, capturing the essence of our heritage and embracing the stories that have shaped our identity.

Nestled in the heart of Jaisalmer, Fort Rajwada has always been adorned with an exquisite hand-painted mural, a masterpiece by a local artist, eloquently portraying the epic tale of Ramayana through 35 frames. This mural, a captivating introduction to the fort’s heritage, serves as a constant reminder of the cultural richness.

Within the fort, depictions of sacred unions such as Meenakshi Kalyanam, Shiv Pariwar, and Krishna Pariwar, perennially adorn its walls, weaving narratives of matrimonial bliss. For those choosing to bind their nuptial cords at this distinguished location, these timeless murals offer not just a celestial backdrop but a living testimony to the spiritual and cultural legacy resonating with the profound tales of the Ramayana and enriching the matrimonial union with a touch of divine history.

Vinay Khosla, Managing Director, Fort Rajwada says “Fort Rajwada has always been a bastion of local heritage. Embarking on a spiritual journey through 35 hand-painted frames, our local artists have intricately depicted the Ramayana, offering a captivating introduction to the fort’s rich heritage. These murals not only serve as a masterpiece but also resonate with the pious essence of the fort, weaving a tapestry of cultural legacy that binds us to the enduring spirit of our traditions.”

Fort Rajwada takes pride in showcasing these timeless murals as an integral part of its historical narrative, forever echoing the spiritual harmony that binds ancient tales of the Ramayana with the cultural vibrancy of Rajasthan. As the nation celebrates this momentous occasion, the fort stands as a testament to the enduring cultural threads that weave through time, encapsulating the rich heritage of our land.

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