Founder and Chairman of Enso Group Vinay Maloo looks excited with yet another company Enso Global Trading.

In 2021, they incepted Enso Global Trading, which serves as an international trading solutions provider dealing in industry-related products.

Enough has been spoken about a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners walking their way to the top, making sure to create a motivational journey for others in the world. Among these, there are a few who ensure to shine bright as they create a unique success path for themselves, all on their own, building an honest business journey of theirs as self-made success stories. No one better than Vinay Maloo, the Founder and Chairman of a diverse enterprise Enso Group to serve as an example here. This passionate guy has remained at the forefront of his conglomerate based in Mumbai, India, and keeps on expanding into different business sectors, proving his excellence as a multipreneur.

Vinay Maloo, with his team in 2021, floated a trading company under Enso Group called Enso Global Trading, and now they look all excited for what’s in store with the business. Enso Global Trading has emerged as a rising international trading solutions provider that deals in industry-related products. Founded only in 2021, it already trades in products like diesel, crude oil, LPG, LNG, jet fuel, and various petrochemical products. In agricultural products, it deals in wheat and corn. In metal products, it deals in gold and other precious metals, and in fertilizers products, it deals in urea and potash.

Entering into the trading niche, Vinay Maloo says, “My vision for my enterprise has always been to offer products and services that can add more value to the ones it will serve. Keeping this in mind, I went ahead in bringing to life another vision in the trading niche in the form of Enso Global Trading, which since last year, already has dived deep as a team in dealing with various products in petrochemical, agriculture, metal, and fertilizers.”

Enso Group, as a conglomerate, has come a long way since its inception in 2005 under the leadership of Vinay Maloo. Over the years, this tremendously talented business personality has taken a deep dive into varied sectors from mining, energy, and healthcare to real estate, oil and gas, infrastructure, and now trading.

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