*From 800 to 7,000: The Rapid Rise of Indian Students in Ireland*

_Surge in Indian Students to Ireland: A Look at New Trends in Higher Education_

Anita Kelly, counsel general, has highlighted a significant rise in Indian student enrollment in Ireland. From a modest 800 in 2013, the numbers have surged to approximately 7,000 in 2022. This boost is largely due to the dual degree MoU between NMIMS’ College of Hotel Management and Shannon College of Hotel Management, which has led to an increase in student applications and acceptances.

Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder CEO of Leverage.biz, commented on the trend: “The remarkable increase in Indian students choosing Ireland reflects its rising prominence as a top educational destination. Ireland’s robust educational infrastructure and new academic programs, at places like Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, Dublin City University, University of Galway, and others, show its commitment to aligning education with real outcomes.”

Additionally, experts citing the Ambassador of Ireland to India, Kevin Kelly, believe the numbers are nearing 10,000, with many opting for postgraduate studies, although undergraduate programs are also gaining popularity. This trend highlights Ireland’s growing appeal as a preferred education destination amid broader global changes in student mobility.

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