From Classroom to Boardroom: Entrepreneurs Celebrate Teacher’s Day with Mentor’s Sage Advice

On Teacher’s Day, Entrepreneurs around the world took a moment to celebrate the invaluable guidance and mentorship they have received from their educators-turned-advisors. The journey from the classroom to the boardroom is often paved with the wisdom and sage advice imparted by teachers who play a pivotal role in shaping young minds.

These entrepreneurs recognize that the lessons learned in the classroom extend far beyond textbooks, as their mentors have shared not only knowledge but also the values of resilience, creativity, and perseverance. As they commemorate this special day, these entrepreneurs are reminded of the profound impact their teachers have had on their entrepreneurial journeys, serving as beacons of inspiration and support in their pursuit of success.

Mr. Anshul Khurana, Co-founder, Entitled Solutions said “In my professional journey (India Infrastructure, Grand Resource Factory which was the first company where I went in as a Co-founder and here at Entitled), I have had different mentors who have all played a significant role in my entrepreneurial development.They all allowed me the freedom that I needed to chart out a path, make my own mistakes and learn from them. The amount of confidence they gave me in my own abilities and the freedom that was allowed to me is very rare when dealing with organisations with a lot at stake.The greatest life lesson I have been taught is to just continue to turn up everyday, and trust your abilities”

Mr. Rohit Gupta, Co-Founder & COO, College Vidya said, “We believe teachers are the ultimate trailblazers for entrepreneurs, providing endless guidance and steering them towards success and innovation. Their magnanimous role in any journey to entrepreneurship cannot be overstated, truly transforming both the individual student and the face of the country.”

Mr. Sourabh Deorah, Co-Founder & CEO, Advantage Club said, “The entrepreneurial journey, often showcased by the successes and challenges faced in adulthood, truly finds its roots in the early, formative years. It’s in those years where the seeds of curiosity, tenacity, and resilience are sown. My mentors fueled my passion, pushed me to question, to innovate, and to embrace the challenges. They laid the foundation for me to dream big, equipped me with tools to turn those dreams into reality, and instilled values that have become my guiding light. They also taught me to celebrate every win, no matter its size, and view failures as lessons and a stepping stone to success. Today is a day for me to look back, be thankful, and appreciate each and every one of them. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to all my educators, as well as to every mentor and experience that has crafted and shaped my entrepreneurial journey.”

Mr. Saurabh Arora , Founder and CEO, University Living said, “As an entrepreneur, I’ve embraced the role of a lifelong learner. Learning is a constant, often subconscious, journey that accompanies at every stage of life. I gained insights from everyone, be it my three-year-old daughter to my parents, my team, or investor network. Everyone we encounter has the wisdom to share based on their experiences. In a nutshell, each day is an opportunity for growth, and every person is a potential teacher. Stay open to learning, whether the lessons are sweet, salty, or sour. ”

Mr. Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO , Next Education, said Teachers play a crucial role in shaping not only our academic knowledge but also our character and values, which are essential for success in the business world. Their guidance, wisdom, and mentorship serve as guiding lights throughout our entrepreneurial journeys. Indeed, the lessons taught by teachers go beyond the confines of textbooks and classrooms. They instill in us valuable qualities like leadership, perseverance, and innovation, which are invaluable in the world of entrepreneurship. Teachers inspire and ignite our passions, helping us discover our true potential and purpose. Their teachings continue to resonate in our boardrooms, reminding us that the pursuit of knowledge and the entrepreneurial spirit are deeply interconnected. It’s a testament to the lasting impact of educators and mentors in shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow

Mr. Rohit Sethi, Director – ESS Global said, “Teachers are the compass guiding the journeys of knowledge, just as we guide individuals on their paths to new horizons. On this Teacher’s Day, we salute the educators who inspire, shape, and empower the minds of our future global citizens. Your dedication to learning paves the way for brighter tomorrows, and we, at ESS Global, appreciate the invaluable role you play in shaping the world”.

Mr. Anant Bengani, Co – Founder & Director – Zell Education said, “Today’s startups owe their wisdom and vision to the classroom mentors who ignited their passion for learning. On this Teacher’s Day, we celebrate not only the educators who shaped our minds but also the invaluable lessons they taught us: the essence of perseverance, the art of innovation, and the courage to transform dreams into reality. From classroom to boardroom, their sage advice continues to illuminate our entrepreneurial journey. Happy Teacher’s Day to the mentors who kindled our entrepreneurial spirit”

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