Future-Proof Your Data-Driven Business with a Modern Data Platform

One of the building blocks of digital transformation is a modern data and analytics platform that harnesses data’s power to reveal patterns and make predictions. All data-driven organizations use data in three ways:

  • To report on the past,
  • To understand the present, and
  • To predict the future


Industry Segment Use Cases
Health Care 360-degree view of patients’ health’ report Genomic data analytics

Predictive medical costs

Connected Care Data Lake

Banking Services, Financial and Insurance Risk Analysis

Fraud Detection

Claims prediction

Personalized marketing

Retail and Ecommerce Recommendation Systems

Personalized Marketing

Inventory Management

Location of New Stores

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Telecom Industry Predictive Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Location-based Promotions

Automobile Predictive Vehicle Maintenance

Driver Monitoring System

Driver Behavior Analytics

Customer Support Chatbot


Modern Data Platform Benefits:

There are massive benefits to use a Modern Data Platform to enable better data management. Your business processes and decisions can become more efficient, innovative, and cost-effective with the capabilities.

  • Optimize Operating Costs and Time: Built-for-purpose components means your team spends less time gathering and structuring data and more time generating insights that will contribute to business success.
  • Future-proofing your business: A modern data platform will help you thrive in an increasingly disrupted ecosystem.
  • Harness AI and Machine Learning: Lays the foundation for advanced analytics and innovation.
  • Efficient Data Processing: A key component of the data pipeline, that enables the flow of data from a source into a data warehouse or other end destination.
  • Make smarter and faster decisions: A data platform solution will bring together multiple data sources, powering analysis and reporting. This enables faster, better-informed customer and business decisions.
  • Secure Organization’s data: Regular audits and penetration tests ensure your data stays safe and secure.

Building a Cloud-based Modern Data Platform

A Modern Data Platform is a future-proof architecture for Business Analytics. It is a functional architecture with all components to support modern data warehousing, AI/ML development, and Real-time data ingesting & processing. It has eight components – data ingestion, warehouse, lakehouse, data transformation, data science, governance, business intelligence, and data privacy. It helps enterprises store all their data in one central location in a consolidated and synchronized form for discovery, management, and distribution, i.e., it manages the end-to-end data lifecycle. The following tech stack, can be used for creating a modern data platform.

  • Data Storage: AWS S3, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Google Cloud Storage
  • Data Processing Engines: Databricks or Spark; Athena, Presto, or Starburst


In this digital era of business, the modern data platform is the ultimate answer to all data and decision-making problems. For any sizable company, a state-of-art data and analytics platform is necessary. Now is the right time to invest and build a future-ready data ecosystem that delivers path-breaking insights and business opportunities. By investing in building a modern data analytics platform, one can take their business and customer experience to the next level with a clear strategy that is vital to the business.

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