Asian premier of INTERACTIONS held during International Film Festival of India

GAIL (India) Ltd has integrated with INTERACTIONS, a global initiative to create connections between Nature, Humans and Animals through Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environment and Water Risks.

The Asian premier of INTERACTIONS was held during International Film Festival of India ( IFFI ) in Goa recently

INTERACTIONS comprises of 12 short films produced by Art for the World (Geneva, Switzerland) with the participation of 12 international film-makers being produced by AFTW under the auspices of UN’s COP15 (Conference of the United Nations on Biodiversity) and WAAS (World Academy of Art and Science).

These thematic films cover Nature Conservation, Climate Change, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Deforestation, Water Risks, Health & Animal Rights.

These 12 short films also include Indian short film by the acclaimed Indian National Award Winning Director Padmashree Nila Madhab Panda, that is included in the anthology, is based on the vagaries of the conflict areas between humanity and wild animals, and touches upon serious and urgent topics like protection of elephant corridors and preserving Nature, Biodiversity and Habitats.

The last association of GAIL with ART for The World was for an award winning film on environmental awareness, entitled INTERDEPENDENCE, which World Premiered at Rome and was viewed by over 500 million people across continents including India in the years 2019-2021.

GAIL has been constantly striving to create awareness against Climate Change, Air Pollution and spreading the tenets of Sustainability in individual and corporate lifestyles.

Hawa Badlo (Change the Air) an initiative by GAIL (India) Ltd that connects with the citizens on a digital platform for creating awareness for better air and environment and to provide solutions for curtailing the effects of air pollution was originally started as a Clean Air & Natural Gas Advocacy mission in the year 2016.

Hawa Badlo later took on the mantle of amplifying conversations through long form content with leading celebrities and entertainers in India and abroad, including associations with National Award winning feature film Kadvi Hawa, presenting the award winning web series Hawa Badle Hassu etc.

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