Gamer SkRossi discusses Gaming’s Impact and Potential in SWITCH Exclusive

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As per Switch’s ‘Out of the Box’ episode , Ganesh, better known as Gamer SkRossi in gaming circles, shed light on his recent experience from PM Modi’s Gamers Meet. The interview delved into various aspects of gaming, potential of e-sports as a profession, sparking discussions on innovation, digital empowerment, and the challenges faced by gamers in India.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the exclusive interview:

· Potential in the Gaming Industry: Ganesh shed light on the burgeoning potential within the gaming industry, emphasizing its transformative power as a source of innovation and digital empowerment. He highlighted the vast opportunities available for gamers to carve out successful careers, debunking conventional norms and stereotypes associated with gaming.

· E-Sports as a Viable Profession: The conversation delved into the realm of e-sports, where Ganesh passionately advocated for its recognition as a legitimate profession. Drawing from his personal journey, he exemplified how competitive gaming can serve as a sustainable livelihood, citing instances of supporting his family through prize money earned from tournaments.

· Gaming Hacks and Strategies: Ganesh imparted valuable insights into the realm of gaming hacks, encouraging aspiring gamers to persevere and enjoy the journey. He emphasized the importance of honing one’s skills and reiterated that success in gaming is achievable with dedication and perseverance.

· Discussion with PM Modi on Gaming in India and Made in India Games: The interview touched upon Ganesh’s interaction with Prime Minister Modi regarding the gaming landscape in India and the promotion of indigenous game development. This highlighted the government’s recognition of gaming as a significant sector with immense potential for growth and innovation.

· Online Gaming Dos and Don’ts: Ganesh stressed the importance of responsible gaming practices, addressing concerns such as addiction and excessive screen time. He advocated for a balanced approach, where gaming is enjoyed responsibly while prioritizing other aspects of life, including education and social interactions.

· Addressing Stigma and Education: A key aspect of the discussion revolved around addressing the stigma associated with gaming and bridging the knowledge gap among the broader population. Ganesh underscored the importance of education in changing perceptions and fostering a culture of responsible gaming.

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