Gender-forward companies take center stage at AmbitionBox Employee Choice Awards 2024 Awards

leadership roles across the firm. The program also educates and empowers women clients and communities to take charge of their financial futures.

S&P Global sets an example with its holistic approach – from enhancing pay transparency and reducing gender gaps to investing in women leaders’ development. Their family-friendly policies like gender-neutral parental leave, menopause support, and expert-guided parental coaching are game-changers. The firm also provides gender affirmation surgery coverage, showcasing its commitment to inclusion.

Genpact has invested in focused talent programs like the ‘Women’s Leadership Program’ – a year-long course designed with Harvard Business Publishing. It offers mid-career women specialized learning opportunities to position themselves as future leaders.

HP leads the way with their Disha initiative. This impactful program empowers women through a six-month leadership development program. Disha graduates boast impressive results: nearly all (90%) remain with HP, transitioning vertically or laterally within the company. Notably, some have even pursued international opportunities with HP.

These statistics showcase the power of investing in your workforce. Initiatives like Disha foster loyalty, growth, and a competitive edge.

Synchrony sets a high bar for family-friendly benefits. They offer comprehensive year-round support, exceeding one-off initiatives. This includes fertility/infertility preservation coverage, surrogacy coverage, day care reimbursement for up to 5 children, mother care support as well as parental expense reimbursements. This commitment allows women to excel in their careers while having the financial security needed to manage their families.

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