GOCL Organized under the guidance of PESO (Hyderabad) – Safety Awareness Workshop for Explosive Manufacturers in & around Hyderabad, Telangana Region

~Joint Chief Controller of Explosives, Sri. K. Sundaresan discuss safety measures of 13 explosive manufacturing companies during the workshop~

Hyderabad, 5 July, 2022: GOCL Corp Ltd under the guidance of PESO Joint Chief Controller of Explosives – Sri. K. Sundaresan organizes Safety Awareness Workshop for Explosive Manufacturers, Telangana Region in Hyderabad. This program further empowered the explosive manufacturing companies in Hyderabad towards building an environment that is cognizant about handling, manufacturing and disposal of explosives. 13 companies from Hyderabad participated in the workshop that covered pertinent topics like Safe Manufacturing of HMX, Shock Tube & NONEL, Safe Storage & Transportation of Explosives, how to Inherently Design Safe Initiatory Explosives Buildings & Equipment and other relevant discussions pertaining to safe explosive operations.

The explosive industry is in continuous need of monitoring and following safety protocols during its operations. These knowledge sharing platforms addresses diverse challenges and provides best solutions to the manufacturers groups to handle hazardous chemicals and products.

Sri. K. Sundaresan, PESO – Joint Chief Controller of Explosives said, “Sharing knowledge and understanding safety protocols in the explosive industry is a very important factor for all stakeholders. Platforms like these empowers every business to understand the changing need of the industry and simultaneously upgrade practice through knowledge sharing. This also allows PESO to keep a check on the safety protocols that are adhered to and in the process educate the industry with the right tools and implementation.”

Speaking on the importance of this event, Sri. Pankaj Kumar, MD – GOCL, said “To ensure safety protocols in the field of explosives and detonators, these workshops are very crucial to upgrade and share knowledge of the industry. This workshop has empowered every explosive manufacturers in Hyderabad to closely monitor their safety compliance to recommended standards and prevent any accidents or mishandling of explosive products.”

The gathering saw presence of 150 executives from brands like Premier Explosives, IDEAL Detonators & Explosives, A.P. Explosives, Salvo Explosives, Regenesis Industries, Sri Vishnu Explosives and few more explosive manufacturers attended the session.

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