Going out this summer? Here is what should be in your handbag!

With the arrival of summer, stepping out can feel like a challenging task due to the scorching sun. This season demands breathable wardrobe, change in eating habits, and some things which must be with you when stepping out.

To shield yourself from the blazing sun, make sure to double-check your bag for these essential items before venturing out! Whether you’re running errands or even travelling, here is a quick checklist of essential items to carry with you –

1) Water Bottle
Goes without saying. When leaving the house, it’s crucial to carry a water bottle, whether you’re headed to a work meeting, travelling or going out for shopping. Staying hydrated is essential, and tote bags offer plenty of space, allowing you to carry a water bottle.

2) Germ Protection Wipes
When you step out for work or travel and use any form of transport it can get messy and sweaty. Travel doesn’t allow you to have easy access to restrooms where one can wash their hands and face with water. Therefore, carrying a pack of Savlon Germ Protection Wipes is a simple solution. They clean and give 99.99% germ protection ^. Use it on hands, body, and surfaces in your surrounding environment like keys, work-tables, handles, car steering etc.** They can be used on mobile phones and laptops*. Use them at home or at work or on-the-go. The wipes have skin-friendly pH. These wipes are thick, soft and moist. They are safe and gentle on skin. The fragrance in wipes also provides a fresh and clean feeling post use.

3) Sunscreen
There is no doubt that the harmful rays have a terrible impact on your skin. If you want to beat the heat and protect your skin from sun damage, it is essential to make a habit of using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. So, after wiping away dirt and sweat from your face, apply an ample amount of sunscreen before stepping out.

Do not let the summer heat stop you from getting the best from your day. Follow a few simple tips and tricks to ensure that this season is a smooth ride for you.

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