Golden milk takes the world by storm

The Western world may have made great progress in science and technology, but still it cannot match the richness and diversity of our ancient knowledge. In recent times, the immense popularity of ‘golden milk’ globally, has proved yet again that our ancient knowledge holds great significance in helping people live a healthier life. For the uninitiated, it would be worth mentioning that golden milk has nothing to do with gold; rather it’s just a simple mixture of organic full cream milk and turmeric, a concoction that people in India have been using for a very long time. We have always known the goodness of turmeric milk, and now the entire world is waking up to its wide ranging benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of golden milk:

Protectsfrom cancer:– In India, people use turmeric in everyday food items such as dal, vegetables, meat preparations, snacks, fresh milk, etc. Researchers in the Western world have discovered that turmeric has an active compound called Curcumin, which provides wide ranging benefits including protection against cancer. The incidence of cancer has increased significantly in developed countries such as the United States and people there are willing to do anything they can to prevent cancer. Since golden milk provides an effective and cheap way to combat cancer, an increasing number of people are taking to golden milk on regular basis.

Improves digestion – Turmeric has shown to improve digestion, similar to the positive effects achieved through other food items such as tasty dahi. Taking golden milk has shown to provide relief from symptoms such as gas, bloating, and indigestion. Turmeric also fights the harmful bacteria in the gut, thereby promoting the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. In Germany, turmeric is now a recognized herbal treatment for people suffering from digestive problems.

Fights Inflammation – Inflammation is the leading cause of fatal conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, and renal failure. Turmeric is one of the most potent natural ingredients that fight inflammation, thereby reducing the risk of fatal diseases.

Helps in weight loss–Nowadays, everyone is looking for a magical potion that can melt their fat instantly. Those aspirations may be difficult to achieve, but research does show that turmeric can help in weight loss. In tests on mice, turmeric has shown to curtail the growth of fat cells and boost metabolism.

If you want to try new, interesting flavors, you can also mix turmeric in curd, yogurt and shudhdahi. Your taste buds will have something exciting to explore and your mind & body will derive the health benefits of turmeric.

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