GOMDORI: Making Online Shopping Awesome and Rewarding for Everyone

Shopping online has become a big thing, right? Well, GOMDORI Project, run by the smart folks at Gomi Corporation, is like a superhero of online shopping. They’re using fancy tech called blockchain to make online shopping a whole lot better for people. Their main thing, Gomi Mall, is where people go to buy stuff online. They’ve got like 2.5 million people using it, which is crazy cool. But here’s the really cool part: they’re not just a regular shopping website. They’re changing things up to make shopping more fun and give people rewards.

Gomi Mall is getting a makeover to make it fairer for people. They’ve got this idea where when you buy something, you get rewards – it’s like getting points when you play a game. These rewards come as GOMD tokens, and the more you shop, the more tokens you collect. And guess what? You can use these tokens later to get discounts or other cool stuff when you shop more.

But wait, there’s more! They’re also giving rewards to social media stars who help tell people about the cool things on Gomi Mall. These stars get special links and earn GOMD tokens whenever people buy stuff through those links. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

And hey, GOMDORI isn’t doing this all alone. They’ve got some super smart people, Vinay Chandra Lal and Rohit Prakash who is founder of The Crypto Launchpad, who are advisors for Gomdori. These advisors have helped other internet money projects, so their advice is like having a secret weapon to make sure GOMDORI does things the right way.

So, GOMDORI is trying to make shopping online more fun and fair for everyone. They’re using fancy internet tech to give people rewards for shopping and making sure the folks who help out get appreciated too. It’s all about making shopping a better experience for you and me!

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