Happy cows means more calcium in their milk

Cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd supply a wide variety of nutrients such as calcium to our body. As per medical science, calcium maintains strong bones and teeth and performs several other critical functions in our body. However, due to increased demand for cow’s milk, cows have been milked to their limits, resulting in reduced levels of calcium in their milk. Not every cow suffers from such issues, but there are some cows that have been reported to suffer from hypocalcaemia, a condition identified by low levels of calcium in their milk. It’s something similar to what we experience in an office environment, wherein some of us may develop anxiety and stress due to increased work pressure, resulting in reduced productivity.

Scientists have a solution

Since the demand for cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd will continue to rise in the coming years, scientists have come up with a solution to solve the problem of hypocalcaemia in cows. And the interesting thing is that the solutionrelates to what our brain naturally produces to combat stress and anxiety. What researchers experimented with was serotonin, a chemical naturally produced in our brain, which make us feel happy and blissful. When scientists introduced this chemical in cows that were to give birth, they noticed increased levels of calcium in their milk post giving birth. In comparison, the cows in the control group had lower levels of calcium in their milk. The chemical worked best in Jersey cows, but not so good in Holstein cows. Holstein cows had more calcium in their blood, but not the desired levels in their milk.

Dairy farms can utilize this research for improving milk quality

Maintaining the quality of milk is essential. If we talk about calcium, we can see that it plays an important role in nerve function, cell signaling, muscle contraction and blood clotting. Calcium works as an electrolyte, helping the body to conduct electricity, which is a vital step towards maintaining a regular heartbeat. It also helps prevent colorectal cancer, can help lower systolic blood pressure among hypertension patients, and reduce risk of osteoporosis, overweight and obesity. With so many benefits, dairy farms need to ensure that their milk contains enough calcium, as may be required by the human body. Dairy farms can follow the methodologies identified in the research to ensure that their customers get the best quality of cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd.

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