Health Experts advise that eating a nutritious diet should be our top concern when it comes to maintaining our health

New Delhi; 08 September, 2022: Under the Illness to Wellness campaign, ASSOCHAM, an apex body conducted a webinar titled “Paushtik aahar Jeevan ka adhaar” Eat right India during World Nutrition week with the paramount objective to cascade awareness and disseminate knowledge about proper balanced diet and Nutrional benefits for healthier, happier, and prosperous life, . Experts from the field shared their valuable insights.

Food plays one of the most important role to build a healthy human body. Noteworthy is which food is to be taken and which is to be avoided. We can magnify this with help of nutrition.

According to Dr. Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutrition & wellness Consultant Advisor, Anchor, Speaker &Writer, Founder , Nutrition Nectar ‘Nutrition is the centre of our daily life’. Our diets should include diverse foods from various food groups like whole grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy, etc, in the right quantities, she said. Foods should be sourced naturally, locally, freshly and be sustainable as far as possible. Ultra-processed foods, refined foods and foods that are high fat or sugar or sodium should be used minimally.

She further stated ”Traditional Indian meal plans when incorporated in the right quantities will augment the nutritional value of your food. A qualified dietitian plays an important role in building and maintaining your good health through the right nutrition”.

Dr. Sugeeta Mutreja ,Distinguished Indian diet & nutrition Specialist stressed that one has to take control of his/her life. You have to make the effort for your own health, she said. Right Nutrition according to your body brings quality of life , eliminates many health issues. Increases your immunity and energy, she noted. So, eat healthy, Stay healthy.

In his moderation, Dr. Rajesh Kesari, Founder and Director Total Care Control, Delhi – NCR EC Member, RSSDI shared his insights and said ”A nutritious and balanced diet is our guarantee to good health”. We should watch closely on what goes into our tummy- it effects not only our day to day working but our future health and mood as well. Three whites- Maida, Salt and Sugar should be avoided as much as possible as they lead to a myriad of diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, High BP, Heart Diseases, Liver diseases, Ulcers, Osteoporosis etc. Out Traditional food coupled with an active lifestyle would go a long way to ensure a healthy future.

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