“Horn and Ivory” Chosen for Indian Panorama at the 21st Chennai International Film Festival


The psychological crime thriller “Horn and Ivory” has been selected for screening in the Indian Panorama category at the 21st Chennai International Film Festival on December 16, 2023. The film, a ninety-three-minute feature, explores the aspirations and struggles of a young actress striving to achieve her dreams in Tinseltown. As she grapples with distinguishing between her true desires and perceived aspirations, the film delves into the Gates of Horn and Ivory, symbolizing the gates of true and false dreams.

*Producer’s Statement:*

First-time producer Latha Warrier expressed gratitude to the jury for the selection and shared pride in sharing the platform with distinguished filmmakers, including Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Vaccine War.”

*Film’s Origin:*

The concept for “Horn and Ivory” originated during a hike on the Lonavala-Rajmachi forest trail, evolving from an idea for a short film to a full-length feature. Dr. Vineet Yadav, the writer and director, envisioned the story of an Indian actress but fate led to the inclusion of the talented Russian actress Daria Gavrushenko, who fell in love with her character, Myra.

*Production Serendipity:*

Despite budget constraints, the film achieved world-class cinematography using Red Helium 8K cameras. The idyllic locations, including an island and vast forests, contribute to the film’s visual richness. Producer Latha Warrier emphasized the serendipitous nature of production, citing chance conversations that led to collaboration with Moscow-based Julia for overseas shooting and contacts within the forest department for facilitating the climax.

*Recognition and Festival Journey:*

The film’s selection for the Chennai International Film Festival is a testament to its recognition and journey from concept to festival acclaim. “Horn and Ivory” continues to garner attention for its unique storyline, international collaboration, and visual excellence.


“Horn and Ivory” stands poised to captivate audiences at the 21st Chennai International Film Festival, offering a psychological crime thriller that transcends cultural boundaries. As it weaves dreams, aspirations, and psychological nuances, the film takes its place among the distinguished entries in the Indian Panorama category.

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