How Asian manufacturers can benefit from Europe’s used machinery market

For Asian manufacturing companies, purchasing used machinery in Europe presents a cost-effective opportunity to upgrade or expand their equipment. Europe’s market offers immediately available, high-quality machines, thereby bypassing long waiting times. In times of economic challenges such as inflation and supply chain issues, this option allows for quick adaptation without significant financial expenditure. Collaborating with experts, especially across great distances, is essential. Companies like Surplex provide extensive services – from consultation to logistical support.

Opportunity for Asian metalworkers: Sale of OKUMA MCR-A5CII on

For Asian metalworkers looking to expand or modernise their production capacities, there’s an excellent opportunity available: a vertical machining centre, OKUMA MCR-A5CII, is for direct sale on This facility exemplifies global collaboration in machine engineering. OKUMA, an established Japanese manufacturer of machine tools, is appreciated and known in Europe for its high-quality and innovative machines.

The OKUMA MCR-A5CII is a high-speed, double-column machining centre designed for efficient 5-side processing. Thanks to its robust construction, it offers increased rigidity and allows for tight tolerances, making it particularly suited for the fast and precise processing of general components as well as for rapid mould-making tasks.

The offered OKUMA MCR-A5CII, built in 2015 and located in Burjassot, Spain, showcases the quality that the European used machinery market has to offer. It can process workpieces up to 37 tons on its 3×6.5 m table. The machine’s good condition and full functionality are testaments to its meticulous maintenance.

Surplex: auctions, direct sales and service

Primarily an auction house for used machinery, especially in the field of metalworking, Surplex opts for direct purchase when it involves machines of particular quality and significance or when efficient mediation between buyer and seller is paramount. For buyers, direct purchase not only facilitates immediate decision-making without the uncertainties of an auction but also ensures transparency and security through a set price.

Surplex offers comprehensive service in purchasing used machinery, ranging from expert consultation to the organisation of transport and customs clearance. With years of experience and a professional team, Surplex supports buyers at every step to ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing process – even from Spain to Asia

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