How Brandstory Digital became a prominent digital marketing agency in Bangalore by Adding Creativity And Innovation

Well, digital marketing has become a renowned segment for every business in the industry.

While brands are thriving to retain customers and gain more audience online, marketing agencies working behind them are pushing beyond the bars to stand out from the crowd by exploring new dimensions of marketing for the evolving world.

Though digital services started scaling in 2016 in India, It was not until 2020 that digital marketing gained prominence and won over traditional marketing methods. Although businesses were flustered in the beginning and soon started to steer their wheel, all thanks to the technological evolution India is running on and digital marketers who played a prominent role during this period, helping brands explore opportunities online.

While this market expansion has offered a wide range of opportunities for several people giving rise to many marketing agencies altogether, in 2011. The number of agencies in India wouldn’t cross 50, but today, due to the predictable market growth, India alone has over 700+ digital marketing agencies.

And the silicon valley of the country, Bangalore, has not only housed major IT companies but is also slowly making space for digital marketing agencies.

And with improving technology and a fast-growing market, a few digital marketing agency in Bangalore have seamlessly taken over the space achieving measurable results.

As one of the longstanding marketing agencies, Bangalore’s BrandStory is still turning around experience and efficiency to the audience and delivering consistency and honesty to the clients.

Formed in 2014 by NIFT alumnus, the agency took off on the right foot by trying to consistently bring its B2B expertise to the forefront of the market in the name of digital marketing services.

Today BrandStory has gained a name for being consistent, data-driven, and prominent for its efficiency and performance delivery to the clients in the B2B sector but slowly quipping up its journey in the B2C and D2C brands by clubbing the best of creative thoughts and technology innovation.

Through the implementation of evolving marketing strategies, tapping untapped markets, and building powerful campaign strategies, this digital marketing company in Bangalore is striving to make a mark in the industry.

Being one of the best SEO agency in Bangalore, Brandstory takes pride in its Search Engine Optimization service, having been able to effectively lift brands to their potential on the search engine result page.

They explain how important digital marketing is in today’s competitive world, where, from picking up shoes to choosing investment options, people turn to the only resourceful place they know- the internet. And how businesses are invalidly spending money on traditional marketing that would cost them fortune without seeing the road to returns.

“ If anything 2020 has taught us, it is how effectively this internet is changing lives, and in times of catastrophe, how it was and going forward will be the major source of survival for businesses.” states the business head.

BrandStory has an elaborated portfolio that explains how its unique strategy propositions have not only helped businesses to drive their products and services to customers but also effectively helped businesses to connect with brands for futuristic collaborations.

While traditional marketing doesn’t accurately target or reach out to our specific target audience, digital marketing enables businesses to reach that space with active SEO, performance marketing, content marketing, and others which will accelerate the whole marketing process, helping brands to reach their marketing goals sooner than later.

Having effectively collaborated with industry giants to startups, BrandStory Digital is helping its clients to become the best in their sector by generating more traffic, engaging customers, maximizing reach, and implementing various web analytics tools to outperform their competitors.

If you are seeking the expertise of a professional to take your brand online, then BrandStory Digital can be your best marketing partner.

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