How can you fix the iPhone’s personal hotspot from going slow?

Speaking of fixing iPhone’s hotspot, let’s first understand what it is. So, the personal hotspot is a VPN app specifically designed to share your cellular data with other devices. But often the usage of Hotspot restricts the user from experiencing high-speed internet services. Not only it’s frustrating, but also it affects your efficiency, especially when working on tight schedules. Without streaming Netflix and browsing through social media due to a slower personal hotspot, your long drive would be boring. Isn’t it? To make your worries go away, we have recommended below some of the methods to fix your iPhone’s personal hotspot.

Easy tips to boost your Hotspot speed

  • Place your hotspot next to a window, under the open sky. Often materials obstruct the cellular signals, especially through surfaces such as roof’s barrier or brick walls.
  • Change the location constantly. Do the experiment in which room you are getting a better cell reception. Since cellular signals keep fluctuating, try placing them in a different area inside your building until you get a better reception area.
  • Couple either of the above tips with a cell tower locater. You can find websites and download apps without much trouble which will precisely show locations of cell towers nearest to your vicinity.
  • Once you find out your nearest cell tower, place your iPhone next to a window of your building facing towards the tower. Go to your app store to find cell tower locator maps. A list of apps would be displayed on your screen and then you’re allowed to go for your call.
  • Watch out for running background apps. Applications might be running in the background that uses up cellular data. Social media and email are the most common examples. Disable your background apps to get a faster internet connection.
  • Multimedia usage is another thing which you need to avoid. Streaming online music and video ends up using more data than you’d expect. To make your internet speed high and your battery last longer, avoid using multimedia.
  • If every method mentioned above fails, the iPhone signal booster will come to your rescue. The booster would provide a reliable and strong signal for your hotspot and ensures that you have the data connectivity you require. Without changing locations this allows you to have a stronger and faster hotspot.

Bottom Line

Hope the article has helped you out to experience the web on your terms. You deserve to have a secure and faster internet connection to make your work life as well as personal life simpler.

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