How can you make money selling plasma?

Are you in need of quick money? Are you a college student searching for ways to earn? Or are you a working individual thinking to earn extra cash to save for the future? Well, there is an easy way to earn some money- you could sell your plasma.

  • Why you get paid to donate plasma?

Plasma is the wheatish liquid part of blood in which all blood corpuscles are suspended. It contains salt, water, proteins, enzymes and antibodies. Plasma is needed for people with bleeding disorders, PID or Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders and haemophilia. Albumin of plasma is used to treat surgical patients. It is broken down and used as a cure for lots of different diseases.

Not many people donate plasma. The payment is a token of gratitude to the donors as well as an invitation for more people to join.

  • Who all are eligible for selling plasma?

Each health centre or clinic has its own set of rules for eligibility. But some general rules are-

  1. You have to be 18-69 years old to donate plasma.
  2. You must have a weight of about 110 pounds. If you have any tattoo or piercing, you are most likely to be rejected.
  3. You should have perfect haemoglobin and iron level.
  • How much do you get paid?

Honestly, it depends on how frequently you donate plasma. It also depends on the volume of that plasma is donated. The more plasma you can donate, the more you can earn. Some centres will let you donate at least twice a week with a day or two in between. Also, the place and the centre vary. Some centres might pay you a bit more.

  • Things you should keep in mind before selling plasma:
  1. Carry any of your identification cards, address proof to the centre.
  2. Drink plenty of water and have healthy food the day before your donation. Do not eat fried or fatty food and do not consume alcohol either.
  3. If it is your first-time donation, you have to fill up a long medical data about yourself, and it will take some time because medical practitioners will test your blood prior donation. Please don’t feel scared.
  • Side effects:

Donating plasma is actually safe. You will be monitored by trained medical practitioners. But some people can feel some side effects. As the process involves injections, a few people may feel some bruising and tenderness in the injected area. Some others may feel little nausea and dizziness just after the donation. But it is rather temporary and nothing to be afraid of.

Selling plasma is not just a way to earn some money but it is also a noble work. You are volunteering to save people who suffer from bleeding disorders and life-threatening diseases.


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