How Tech Innovations Are Enabling The Fence-Sitters To Embrace The Financial Markets


Combating inflation and generating wealth is important to ensure a secure financial future. Online trading platforms have made it achievable in India’s financial markets. Zerodha, Shoonya by Finvasia, Upstox, etc. are some examples of how digital technologies can be leveraged for a unique sharemarket experience. With this, they are helping investors and traders navigate financial markets with ease.

Investing is difficult. However, thanks to tech advancements, more people are now joining the financial markets. Tech-enabled trading platforms are turning investment dreams into reality. Let’s have a look at 4 exciting tech innovations that are enabling fence-sitters to embrace the stock market.

1. Fractional Share Investing

Fractional shares allow investors to buy a small portion of a share of stock, rather than having to buy a whole share. This makes it possible for investors with limited capital to invest in the stock market. To invest like this, you need to research fractional shares and fees with online brokers. Different brokers have different stocks available and ways of executing trades.

2. Zero-Commission Trading

Many online brokers offer zero-commission trading. This makes stock trading significantly cheaper for investors. Shoonya by Finvasia, a leading zero-brokerage trading platform, is one such platform. It provides a commission-free financial ecosystem for investors and traders. The disruptive offerings of such platforms ensure elimination of brokerage fees, clearing charges, and hidden costs for all users.

3. Micro-Investing Apps

Micro-investing apps allow users to invest small amounts of money in stocks, ETFs, and other financial products on a regular basis. Through such apps, investors can setup automatic payments scheduled at regular intervals. It helps users save consistently and conveniently over time.

4. AI-Powered Investment Platforms

Many online trading platforms have now incorporated AI and machine learning. This enables users to analyze market data. It also helps investors make informed decisions based on data. Shoonya by Finvasia is one of India’s first platforms to provide its users with AI-powered tools. It analyzes data from 1500 Indian scrips from indices like the NSE and BSE. This helps investors find the best investment opportunities in the financial markets.


The emergence of online trading platforms in India has brought a crucial transformation. These platforms are actively engaged in bringing the latest tech innovations to their users. Data and information are easily accessible. The country’s financial markets are more transparent than ever. This greatly helps the situation, enabling fence-sitters to embrace the financial markets confidently.

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