How to identify the best milk brand?

There are dozens of milk brands out there in the market and it’s often difficult to determine which one is the best. When your and your family’s health is at stake, it becomes essential that you choose only the best milk brand that satisfies all your needs such as quality, taste, availability and a wide variety of milk and milk products. Here are some things that you can check to establish which brand supplies the best milk and milk products.

From farm to your home; no middleman – Check to see if the milk brand has a highly evolved milk procurement system wherein milk is sourced directly from farmers. In case there is involvement of middlemen, it may increase the risk of adulteration. The best milk brand will be one that not only sources milk directly from farmers but also provides them training and technical and financial support. In such an evolved ecosystem, farmers become a part of the brand and do their best to ensure the best quality of milk production.

State-of-the-art milk production facilities – The best milk brand will have state-of-the-art scientifically evaluated milk procurement, processing, storage, testing and delivery facilities to ensure that milk is not only procured fresh but also delivered fresh to customers. Regular testing in a certified laboratory is very important to ensure that milk is completely free from pesticides and other such unwanted stuff. Such advanced processing facilities would comply with government rules and regulations, as is necessary for establishing the quality guarantee. A milk brand that does not have such facilities may simply mean that it’s a potentially fly-by-night operator, out there to cheat customers and make some easy money.

Easily available and affordable – The best milk brand would be readily available at your nearest grocery store and would be affordable. Milk is a product that is consumed on a daily basis, so easy availability and affordability is essential. It showcases the brand’s commitment that it understands the needs of its customers and works hard to ensure customer satisfaction. You probably wouldn’t want to buy a different brand of milk every other day, so availability is an essential criterion to determine the credibility of a milk brand.

Product range – The best milk brand will have a comprehensive range of milk and milk products to offer to its customers including full cream milk, toned milk, double toned milk, cow milk, curd, dahi, ghee, etc. A wide variety of product options ensures that customers can choose the best fit as per their specific tastes and preferences and will not have to buy different products from different companies.

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