How To Survive An Alien Abduction?

People across the USA and various other countries have reported experiences of being abducted by aliens. Most of these abductees have reported physical and psychological experimentations being conducted on them by aliens. While many have returned to narrate their experiences, there are theories that many abductees never actually return. Some alien experts link it to the thousands of people that go missing in the USA every year.

Mainstream scientists do not believe that alien encounters occur. Medical experts suggest that such experiences could be due to other reasons. For example, it could be due to false memory syndrome, psychopathology, sleep paralysis, etc.

Even though the mainstream scientific community does not believe in alien abductions, it does not harm to prepare yourself for unforeseen eventualities. There are many things in this world that are still a mystery. Here are some tips and suggestions that can come to your aid in terms of how to survive an alien abduction.

Resisting an alien abduction will be futile – If aliens exist, they are probably coming to earth from another star system. It could be from our own Milky Way Galaxy or from another galaxy. It is apparent that such aliens will possess advanced technology and tools. And possibly advanced weapons as well. As such, it does not make sense to fight off the aliens.

Go with the flow – Many abductees have reported seeing bright lights during their abduction. Instead of resisting, one can treat such things as spiritual or divine experiences. One could also play along, with the goal to know or understand what the aliens may be trying to achieve. It will be better to play curious instead of trying to resist the aliens.

Do not reveal your fears – It is true that we do not know much about the behavior of aliens. They could be aggressive or friendly or just like humans. But as a general rule, it is not advisable to reveal your fears in front of anyone. Whether you are dealing with a wild animal or an aggressive human being, it is always best to stay calm. The same approach should be followed in case of an alien encounter.

Do not make aggressive maneuvers – It may not be possible to know what type of aliens you are dealing with. Make sure you do not make any aggressive moves such as taking out your gun or showing your fist. On the contrary, you should back off slowly in a non-threatening manner.

Maintain distance – Just like dealing with any animal or an unknown human being, you should maintain your distance with the alien. Do not assume that they are friendly, even though they may appear like that. Do not get overly curious and try getting close to them or touching them.

Try to communicate – In a peaceful way, you could try to communicate with hand gestures. See how much they are able to understand you and vice-versa. You can speak gently all along. They may not understand your language, but the tone will convey that you do not mean any harm.

With the tips and suggestions above, you should be able to deal with an alien encounter. Hopefully, you will be safe and sound and only have some memories of the incident. You can surely share your experiences with family and friends. So that, they too can be prepared to deal with alien encounters and alien abduction scenarios.

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