Huawei Peng Song: Embracing the Digital World, GUIDE to the Future

At MWC22 Barcelona, Peng Song, President of Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales at Huawei, delivered a GSMA session speech titled “Embracing the Digital World, GUIDE to the Future”. In the speech, Peng shared his thoughts on the future evolution of networks. “We should more actively embrace the digital world,” said Peng, “GUIDE IS NOW. Let’s act now to draw a business blueprint with more industry partners and lead future development.”

Digitalization is advancing rapidly. According to Peng, through a range of activities over the past year, such as on-cloud exhibition and online award presentation, he experienced first-hand how digitalization boosts efficiency and service experience. Within the industry, self-driving vehicles, smooth 5G connectivity on 350 km/h high-speed trains, and 360 degree free-view video all indicate that we are entering a digital world.

He believes that, in the near future, technological innovation will satisfy humanity’s pursuit of superior experiences and create more possibilities.

Digital technology keeps breaking boundaries. At Huawei Connect 2021, Huawei published Intelligent World 2030 Report. In this report, Huawei predicts that by 2030, globally, there will be more than 200 billion connections, as all things will be connected with intelligence; and there will be 1.6 billion fiber broadband subscribers. Further on, we will explore the human brain, in an effort to unlock human intelligence mysteries and break biological limits using digital technologies. And we will also explore outer space and deep ocean, and use next-generation networks to build future cities and break the boundaries of space.

In his speech, Peng raised a question: If we look at today from the perspective of the next decade, what should we be doing right now to evolve our networks and seize the opportunities of digitalization? He mentioned that Huawei released the GUIDE model last year, which consists of Gigabit everywhere, Ultra-automation, Intelligent multi-cloud connection, Differentiated Experience, and Environmental Harmony. These are the five key aspects for guiding network evolution into the coming digital age. Today, Huawei is expanding the definition of the GUIDE model. “We are proposing GUIDE IS NOW today,” said Peng, “which we define as building ubiquitous gigabit connectivity, speeding up ultra-automation to address uncertainties, providing intelligent computing and networks as a service, offering differentiated experiences on demand, and enabling sustainability with green ICT.” GUIDE creates a three-layer business development blueprint:

 First, GUIDE outlines the future. It is our proposal for a shared business vision for the digital world, which integrates service development, operational efficiency, business value, and social contribution.

 Second, GUIDE addresses the coming together of technology and business. Innovative technologies are continuously developed to address new business challenges. At this year’s MWC, Huawei will launch some innovative solutions, such as 5G MetaAAU, FTTR, and OXC.

 Finally, GUIDE creates network measurement benchmarks, as a guide of planning for markets at different stages of development to help operators find the most suitable path for their own network evolution, contributing to sustainable business blueprints.

GUIDE accelerates the deep integration of connectivity with green and intelligent technologies, while driving the interlocking between business value and technological value to allow connectivity innovation to bear fruit.

“Once the train of digitalization starts to roll forward, nothing can stop it,” said Peng concluding his speech. He called on operators to act immediately in collaboration with industry partners and use the GUIDE business blueprint to usher in a bright future.

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