IFACET, IIT Kanpur partners with Skyy Skill Academy to offer Online Courses in Cutting-Edge Technologies

Bengaluru, 10 April, 2024: IITK Foundation for Advanced Consulting, Education and Training (IFACET), established by IIT Kanpur, announced a strategic collaboration with Skyy Skill Academy to launch online certification courses in emerging cutting-edge technologies. The courses in Electric Vehicle Technology and Powertrain, Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS, Embedded System, Vehicle Design and Analysis, ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS and other emerging technology areas will empower learners with industry-relevant knowledge.

Prof. Phani, Chief Investigator, E&ICT Academy IIT Kanpur (a joint initiative of IITK & MeitY) said, “There is a growing demand for professionals trained in technical skills such as CAD and analysis, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, and Embedded systems, etc in emerging industries. This partnership will help bridge the gap between conventional curriculum and the evolving needs of sunrise sectors with industry focused hands-on pedagogy.”

IFACET, IIT Kanpur will bring its expertise in research and innovation to the partnership with Skyy Skill Academy to jointly develop high-quality educational content curated by experts in the respective fields.

Mr. Himansu Sekhar Panda, CEO of Skyy Skill Academy expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to join hands with IFACET, IIT Kanpur, a leading institution known for its academic excellence and research prowess. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision of providing accessible and affordable education in cutting-edge technologies.”

These courses will cater to learners of various backgrounds, including students, professionals, and enthusiasts seeking to upskill or reskill themselves in areas crucial to the industries of tomorrow. The curriculum is designed to impart theoretical and industrial knowledge, ensuring that learners are equipped with the skills needed to excel in their respective fields.

The online courses offered through this collaboration are expected to commence in the coming months, with registration details and course information soon to be made available on the Skyy Skill Academy and IFACET website. As the world embraces digital transformation, initiatives like these play a crucial role in democratizing access to education and fostering innovation in the global workforce.

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