IIT Kanpur Launches Revolutionary Air Sampling Device, Pioneering Change in Air Quality Management

· The Air Sampling Device offers a high-volume PM2.5 impactor with multiple slit nozzles, boasting excellent particle collection efficiency and minimal pressure drop

· The device collects air samples for assessing various parameters, including respirable air quality, ambient air monitoring, substance evaluation, and microbial colony estimation

Bengaluru, 11 March, 2024: The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) has officially launched its Air Sampling Device, titled the ‘Multiple Slit Nozzle-based High Volume PM2.5 Impactor Assembly,’ developed by Prof. Tarun Gupta, IIT Kanpur. The launch took place on March 11th, 2024, at the Pioneer Batch Continuing Education Centre (PBCEC) of IIT Kanpur. In 2020, the institute entered into a technology transfer MoU with Airshed Planning Professionals Private Limited to license this developed technology for local manufacturing, with an objective of replacing imported & expensive air samplers & Impactors.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including Prof. Tarun Gupta, Dean Research and Development, IIT Kanpur; Prof. Ankush Sharma, Professor-In-Charge, Startup Innovation and Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur; Prof. Mukesh Sharma, Department of Civil Engineering; and Shri Dhirendra Singh, Director, Airshed Planning Professionals.

The product launch ceremony commenced with the unveiling and showcasing of the air sampling device, followed by an introductory speech and insights delivered by stakeholders involved in the journey from product development to commercialization. A discussion among stakeholders from various sectors, including institutions, the Pollution Control Board, R&D houses, infrastructure companies, and industry partners, focused on the milestones and potential of different products to bring revolutionary change to the cleantech domain. During the discussion, they also expressed their opinions on the milestones and potential of various tech-driven products to address shortcomings in the Indian Air Quality Monitoring ecosystem.

Prof. S. Ganesh, Director, IIT Kanpur, said, “Today’s launch represents a significant step forward in our efforts to combat air pollution and develop solutions that make a tangible difference. With this technology licensed to Airshed Planning Professionals Private Limited, the device will soon be available in the market at an affordable price. Such technologies, developed at the institute, aim to promote micro, small and medium enterprises for boosting the indigenous ecosystem.”

The Air Sampling Device features a high-volume PM2.5 impactor with multiple slit nozzles, ensuring excellent particle collection efficiency and minimal pressure drop. Crafted from chrome-plated brass, the nozzle and substrate plates seamlessly integrate into existing high-volume dust samplers, enhancing their performance without altering the original setup. The device is designed to collect samples for assessing various air parameters, including respirable air quality, ambient air monitoring and sampling, and quantitative evaluations of air pollutants. Additionally, it provides quantitative estimates of different microbial colonies present in the ambient air.

Prof. Tarun Gupta, Dean, Research & Development, IIT Kanpur, said, “I am thrilled that our development simplifies air quality monitoring. With this device, we have made it easier for existing samplers to upgrade their capabilities without hassle by providing practical solutions that anyone can benefit from. With this technology, we aim to empower communities with accurate and accessible tools for monitoring air quality, ultimately fostering a healthier environment for all.”

Airshed Planning Professionals Pvt. Ltd, an incubatee at Startup Innovation & Incubation Centre (SIIC), IIT Kanpur, has been engaged in providing expertise in the field of air pollution, research and practice, being a licensee to a low-cost technology for efficient air sampling, for bioaerosol & particulate matter for commercialization.

IIT Kanpur has been actively pursuing the development of impactful technologies and driving innovation in its efforts to provide practical solutions to environmental issues.

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