Inaugural Virtual Debate Competition on Bigo Live, Moderated by UKM

Media OutReach Newswire – 12 June 2024 – BIGO Live, a Singapore-based global leader in social livestreaming platforms, co-hosted a six-day intellectual and educational debate among Malaysia’s youth with the Public Speaking Unit at the University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UPUUKM) and Mr. Ezly Marzuki, a UKM alumnus and current head coach of the UKM Malay Debate Team. This event expanded the app’s for-entertainment content and sought to elevate the Malay language in public speaking. The debates had thousands of viewers so the Bigo Live Malaysia team aims to host this event annually.

From 26th April to 31st May, thirty-five students and faculty of the University’s Public Speaking Unit served as committee members, basic debate trainers, moderators, and judges for the debate competition. All official Bigo Live hosts could register and so forty-five fantastic newbie debaters joined. Participants formed three-member groups to compete and followed the official inter-varsity rules and format.

Each debate hosted a government team and opposition. Every member of the group was required to give a seven-minute substantive speech and then teammates would follow with four minute rebuttals.

Throughout the debate, sportsmanship and respect were crucial. Heckling, harassment, disruptive behavior, and sensitive topics related to race, religion, or personal matters that may offend, humiliate or embarrass were strictly disallowed.

The debates approached a variety of culturally relevant topics:

The Decline of Moral Values in Teenagers Begins at Home

Malaysians Should Have Two Jobs to Improve the Cost of Living

This House Believes National Athletes Need to Enhance Their Personal Safety More Strictly

Awareness of Hosts Is More Important Than Law Enforcement in Addressing the Issue of Misuse of the Bigo Live Application

This House Believes the BIGO Annual Awards Should Separate Categories by Race

The Age Limit for Registering on Bigo Live Should Be Lowered to Increase the Number of Users

In the final round, the Gema Diversity team, made up of Bigo hosts SirMFJ, Yvonnelohyeeman, and 423133533 won the championship!

Hashtag: #BigoLive #UKM

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