IndiaDotcom Digital Private Limited rolls out ScreenBox power-packed with a video-first approach for global, Indian, Regional TV and Cinema news

India, 1st June 2023: IndiaDotcom Digital Private Limited (IDPL), formerly known as Zee Digital and one of India’s largest Digital entities, announced the mega launch of its Entertainment portal A unique Video-First Entertainment platform, will offer sharp, snappy 360-degree coverage from the world of showbiz across various genres, including World Cinema, Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional Cinema, OTT, TV and music industry.

ScreenBox is a portmanteau, blending the two words. Screen is derived from “Silver Screen” or the world of entertainment, while “Box” denotes how it will be packed in one place for the user to dip in and discover the delightful content every time. Its visually appealing User Interface allows users to easily navigate and discover their favourite content in multimedia format.

Speaking on the market demand in terms of news content consumption, Roshan Tamang, Chief Content Officer, IndiaDotcom Digital Private Limited, says, “Video is now the preferred format of content on Digital. However, classic film journalism in text format is also hard to beat. So was born to be a perfect blend of both. We hope our users will be delightfully engaged with an innovative coverage of happenings from the world of entertainment.”

Mr. Shridhar Mishra, CRO, IndiaDotcom Digital Private Limited, further highlighted, “IDPL has been consistent in delivering program content package as per the market demand. The launch of video-first website ‘ScreenBox’ will also encourage stakeholders and advertisers to strengthen visibility in terms of branding via video during different timeslots throughout the day.”

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