Indian students learnt traditional Korean Art and Craft

Korean Cultural Centre India in a talent donation program of Korean culture and art, invited instructor from the Korea National University of Arts to teach Korean traditional art to middle and high school students in India.

In two days class students learned Korean traditional lantern making, patchwork crafts (Jogakbo crafts), Korean traditional masks making (Hahoe Tal), and kite making. Each traditional artwork was very meaningful. The traditional Korean kite has the meaning of writing a wish and flying it into the sky to make a wish for the new year. ‘Hahoe mask’ was a humorous expression of noblemen in the caste society of the Joseon Dynasty from the point of view of the common people, traditional Korean mask culture and customs such as mask dance hide their identity while wearing masks and hope that everyone can be treated equally. The classes were run from 26 Dec to 28th Dec at KCCI.

Mr. Hwang Il Yong, director of the Korean Cultural Centre India, said, “In 2023, which marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and India, we will be spreading Korean culture to more Indian middle and high schools through cultural experience classes and seminars on traditional Korean arts, crafts, and music.”

Lee Ye Won, who had an in-depth meeting with Indian students, while expressing her joy said, “It was an honor to teach Korean traditional crafts at the Korean Cultural Centre India. I think the pure hearts of Indian students who put their own new colors on Korean traditional crafts will remain in my heart for a long time.”

Instructor Lee Ye Won is a graduate from the stage art and art history of the Korea National University of Arts. She is an expert in Korean culture and arts with a professional background related to performance works of Korea’s leading cultural and arts institutions, such as stage 2022 Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater [Romeo vs Juliet] Stage Design Assistant, Asia Culture Center (ACC) Arts Theater and National Theater Company Baek Sung-hee Jang Min-ho Theater [Pilgrimage to Far East Siberia] costume design, Lee Eoryeong Arts Theater [Puppet Time Play] stage design, 2021 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts S Theater [Apartment] object design, and production of Prage Quadrennial performance [Laundry Your Day].

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