India’s Biggest Indie Label – Big Bang Music partners with Sony Music Publishing Globally

Mumbai: 9th August 2023: Big Bang Music, one of India’s premier independent music labels has signed a publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing (SMP) which will enable the latter to administer and promote their songs globally, expanding the reach and audience of its catalog.

Since its inception, identifying and developing young and new talent from across genres has been a key contribution of Big Bang Music towards the growth of independent artists and songwriters in India. And the partnership with Sony Music Publishing will further growth and collaboration opportunities.

This deal with Sony Music Publishing underscores the influence of India’s Indie sound and talent’s ever-growing demand around the world. The partnership is anticipated to boost the publishing and royalty earnings of artists and songwriters while attaining a more extensive global audience via sync opportunities and global songwriter collaborations. The agreement covers administration, synchronization, and catalog promotion of the Indie music label’s repertoire.

“BGBNG is an exceptional platform for emerging artists and songwriters. Through this partnership, we aim to provide opportunities for their vibrant new-age artists, help them collaborate with our global songwriters, and support them with a best-in-class global publishing ecosystem. Empowering artists to demonstrate their talent while uniting India and the global music markets is at the heart of our mission.” Dinraj Shetty, Managing Director of Sony Music Publishing India said in a statement.

“This agreement is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our reach and showcase independent music from India to a global audience. Big Bang Music is at the helm of the independent music scene in India and this partnership will not only increase our publishing and royalty collection, but undoubtedly take Indian independent music to international shores, entertaining audiences around the globe. We couldn’t find a better partner than Sony to further fuel the growth of our independent artists by catering to audiences beyond borders,” Gaurav Wadhwa, Founder and CEO of Big Bang Music said in a statement.

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