India’s only coin which is giving up to 10% returns every month

Bharat Solanki, CEO And Founder of Tuugl, launched his Token in India a few days ago, the price of which is increasing continuously. This Token approved by the Government of India, is at the forefront of the finance market of the whole of India and gives the best return, in the future, this Coin will compete with bitcoin and other large cryptocurrencies and many big banks will also merge in it. One of the creators of this Token 21 year old boy! Who has launched this Token based on Startup Business Model ! This Token was started in the US and Canada in 2019. A huge amount of money has also been invested in this by Adani Group and Pepsi Bajaj Finance! Bharat Solanki Develope Rubber Coin is India’s first such coin which is growing so fast.

Bharat Solanki along with his team has created a token that will give good returns by investing your Money in the right places. Which is growing so fast that if we call it the bitcoin of the future it would not be wrong ! when Rubber Coin was launched in India, then its price was Rs 28000 but Today after three months the price of Rubber Coin has increased from Rs 27000 to Rs 115618.

Rubber Coin says with 100% guarantee that whatever amount you invest Its 10% will be added to your account at the end of the month, as if you have made an investment of Rs 100000, then you will get 10% interest every month i.e. Rs 10000 will be added to your account, you will have to hold your amount for at least 1 month.

If you withdraw after a month, you can withdraw your deposit. If you withdraw before a month, you will not get the profit amount.

Your profit amount will be added to your account at 12:00 midnight on the last day of the month and rubber coins are approved by the Government of India, so there is nothing to risk in this, within three months after the rubber coin Investment Cross 168 Crore Ruppies has been made and this amount keeps on increasing every hour till now more than 23000 people have invested in rubber coin.

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