Indonesia – A momentous journey of exciting discoveries

For a true traveller, the pleasure is all about exploring exotic locales, experiencing ethnic culture and traditions, relishing local cuisine, and being one with nature. The Republic of Indonesia is one such country that offers unparalleled and wide ranging travel destinations and experiences to people from across the globe.

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago comprising thousands of islands; some big, some small, many uninhabited and several yet to be named. It gives a sense of the country’s natural diversity and provides a glimpse of the immense possibilities that lie within this magnificent countryside. The few things that immediately come to mind are white sandy beaches, lush green rainforests, pristine mountain ranges, deep blue seas, picturesque savanna grasslands, untamed waterfalls and gushing rivers. The warmth of its people and their enchanting culture elevates the Indonesian travel experience to an altogether new level.

Top travel destinations in Indonesia include Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali & Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku & Papua. Each of these have their own specialties and offer travellers to experience nature in its true glory and splendor. There are plenty of options for every type of traveller, as these destinations are dotted with innumerable natural wonders. To experience marine life, one can visit places such as Arborek Tourism Village, the Gili Islands, Weda Bay, the Lembeh Strait, Taka Bonerate National Park, Kofiau Island, etc. The Gili Islands, in particular, is popular for snorkeling. Gili Island snorkeling can get travellers up close with a diverse range of exotic marine life including the green turtle (Cheloniamydas).

For the perfect beach experience, one can head towards spots like Bunaken, Pemuteran Beach, Kadidiri Island, Ngurbloat Beach, Sengigi Beach, Misool Island, etc. For valleys & canyons, there are places like BatuCermin Cave, Liang Bua, DolokSanggul, LembahHijau, Green Canyon, TebingKeraton, etc. For mountains & craters, there’s Mount Rinjani, Mount Bromo, KawahPutih, TangkubanPerahu, etc. For rivers and waterfalls, there’sSa’dan River, Alas River, Madakaripura Waterfall, Loksado, Sipiso-piso Waterfall, Musi River, etc. For forests & wildlife, there’s Alas PurwoNational Park, Kerumutan Forest Reserve, the Bekantan and Mangrove Conservation, Kaget Island, etc. There are spectacular lakes as well such as KawahPutih, Lake Kelimutu, Lake Tolire, Lake Kerinci, Lake Sentani, etc.

While Indonesia is the perfect place to spend time in the lap of nature, it is also known for its world-class hotels, some of which have been ranked as the best in the world. Some of these luxurious hotels are located right in the midst of pristine landscapes whereas others are located in the country’s urban centers such as Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The urban centers are a hub for business and leisure and provide shoppers the opportunity to explore both global brands in upscale boutiques and local merchandise at road-side stalls. Most top destinations in Indonesia are connected by direct international flights and there are several low-cost carriers that regularly make trips to the country’s smaller towns and remote locations.

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