Infertility Problems Are Rising in Obese Men

Delhi :- Obesity men are at a greater risk of infertility due to the likelihood of low sperm count. Excess body weight affects sperm production, leads to low testosterone levels and loss of interest in sexual activities in men. Hence, weight loss can restore fertility in men. Embracing a healthy lifestyle consisting of a well-balanced diet, and diet can be helpful for obese men.

Obesity is a silent killer. Various factors like stress, poor dietary choices, lack of physical activity, and improper sleep routine can lead to obesity. Obesity impacts each and every aspect of one’s health along with fertility in men.

“If the body mass index (BMI) is higher, men will have a low sperm count, quality, and movement. Obesity damages the blood vessels and invites erectile dysfunction in men. Obesity leads to hormonal imbalances in men too. In those men with excess body weight, the male hormone testosterone turns into the female hormone estrogen. If a man has a higher than normal estrogen level then there will be low sperm production. Thus, testosterone levels decrease in obese men. Moreover, when it comes to obese men, the scrotum tends to remain in close contact with the body. Since it is closer to the surrounding body tissues, it raises the temperature of the scrotum, and a higher temperature damages the sperm. Moreover, obese men will also show less interest in sexual activity, and avoid sex,” Said Dr Sheetal Agarwal, Gynecolgist, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Nehru Enclave, Delhi.

Dr Agarwal added, “obese men lose oodles of weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising, can help one manage hormonal imbalance, and boost fertility. An expert will help you to know about the foods that you can eat and avoid. Also, don’t forget to stick to a proper sleep schedule, and de-stress by doing yoga or meditation. If need be, one can opt for a weight loss surgery after the doctor’s recommendation.”



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