In:ha Wellness Pioneering New Ground with Exclusive “Elemental Ceremony” & “Chanting Petals” Workshops In Mumbai

12th June 2024 Mumbai: In:ha Wellness, the leading Mumbai-based wellness studio dedicated to holistic well-being, is thrilled to launch two exciting new workshops designed to empower individuals on their journeys of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Take a break from all your worries and lose yourself in the immersive experience of being one with your mind and body like never before.

Taking inspiration from the world around us, In:ha wellness introduces Mumbai to its first ever “Elemental Ceremony” and “Chanting Petals” workshops, to help you reconnect with nature’s power of transformation and give birth to a new you. The “Elemental Ceremony” workshop delves into the ancient practice of honouring the four classical elements – earth, water, air, and fire. Commonly found in various spiritual traditions and Indigenous practices, these ceremonies offer a powerful means to seek harmony with nature, achieve personal purification, promote healing and spark spiritual transformation. The Elemental Ceremony workshop is structured into seven distinct sessions, each focusing on specific elements like the earth, water, fire, and ether and its connection to spiritual growth. With the help of the Elemental Workshop, you can not only learn to tap into the power of the elements but also harness the elemental energies to restructure your life, clear your inner chaos, foster peace and serenity and embrace your authentic self with confidence.

In:ha Wellness offers this unique experience in three formats:

● One-on-One Bodywork: A personalised session tailored to enhance your elemental energy through bodywork practices.

● Group Experience: Immerse yourself in a communal setting featuring healing methods and exercises that represent each element. The experience is enriched by candles, crystals, water, and plants, fostering a deeply transformative atmosphere.

● Retreat Living & Learning: Experience 7 sessions beautifully curated to work through each element in a holistic manner with various forms and mediums of chants, music, ragas, breathing, meditating, elevating and more

The “Chanting Petals” workshop is designed to awaken your kundalini energy through the practice of chanting. Based on the science of chakras, this workshop offers a potent tool for balancing your chakras, enhancing energy flow, deepening your spiritual connection and promoting overall well-being.

“We are thrilled to unveil these new workshops. The “Elemental Ceremony” and “Chanting Petals” offer unique pathways to connect with your inner power and cultivate a sense of well-being on all levels. For many of us, the modern world can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and the natural world around us. Both our workshops are designed to bridge that gap and help you reconnect with the ancient wisdom of the elements and create a sense of harmony within your chakra system.” says Nakshi S, Founder of In:ha Wellness.

Apart from this, at In:ha Wellness, guests can also engage in various activities & workshops like Sound Bath Healing, Sixth Sense workshop, Mindful meditations, Somatic bodywork with crystals and many more aimed at stress management and enhancing overall well-being. So what are you waiting for? Embark on the transformative journey and discover the profound impact these practices can have on your life, only at In:ha Wellness.

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