Inputs on What startup industry is expecting from the G20 Summit

By Nandini Mansinghka, CEO of Mumbai Angels
“We believe that the G20 summit would bring about a positive impact on the Indian startup ecosystem. Under its G20 presidency, India has launched Startup20, which will open doors for a dialogue between the stakeholders of the global startup ecosystem and G20 leaders regarding macroeconomic concerns and challenges entrepreneurs face. This year, the G20 Summit holds the key to giving direction to crucial aspects for startups, including policies and regulations. The summit’s outcomes could facilitate wider market access and collaborations, amplifying investor confidence and funding opportunities.”

By Mr. Harshal Sonawane, Head of Sustainability,
“As G20 takes the lead in guiding global progress, it’s crucial to recognise that agriculture plays a critical role in our world’s climate change mitigation efforts, and we are approaching a pivotal juncture. Agriculture is undeniably vital to our civilization but also poses a significant risk to global warming – it consumes a staggering 70% of our freshwater resources and contributes 24% of greenhouse gas emissions.
Alarmingly, we lose a staggering twenty-four billion tons of soil each year due to erosion, a situation that demands our immediate attention. The future of our planet relies on the health of our soil, and it’s imperative that we prioritise its well-being. Let’s come together under the G20’s leadership and work collaboratively to drive innovation, implement sustainable practices, and foster international cooperation. Through these concerted efforts, we can create a brighter, more environmentally friendly future for agriculture and our world.”

By Rajagopal Menon, Vice President, WazirX
“We are anticipating a robust regulatory framework from the G20 summit. We are expecting that these regulations will be agile as well as flexible given how dynamic the industry is, and how rapidly governance and regulatory changes need to be implemented to keep up with the technological developments. The FM’s statements give us hope that the frameworks will get countries to collaborate while ensuring complete user protection and fostering utility of blockchain technology worldwide.”

By Anuj Arora, Co-founder & COO SahiBandhu.
“We believe that the upcoming G20 Summit holds immense promise for global economic stability and prosperity. Our expectations are rooted in the conviction that this gathering of world leaders can foster collaboration and innovation to address pressing challenges in priority areas i.e. inclusive economic growth, sustainable development, and financial resilience. By fostering an environment conducive to financial inclusion and responsible lending practices, the G20 Summit can pave the way for a brighter and more equitable economic future for all, especially for SME, Banking, Aggregator space, NBFCs, etc. SahiBandhu, as a leading gold loan aggregator, expects insightful dialogue & policy formation to strengthen financial inclusion, digital literacy, and extend last mile connectivity in India.”

By Mr Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder, Creduce
“There is a need to address climate action which is a major threat to SMEs, and the G20 can do so by prioritizing and promoting green technologies and sustainable business practices. Prime among these initiatives is the establishment of a Green Entrepreneurship Fund that could provide financial support to SMEs that are developing or adopting green technologies. Further there is an urgent need to establish a Climate Technology Transfer Hub to facilitate the transfer of green technologies from large companies to SMEs. Empowering the worker force could happen with the help of the Climate Skills Training Program that can boost to provide training to SMEs on green technologies and sustainable business practices. Lastly, we can also expect the G20 to seek the removal of trade barriers for green goods and services.”

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