Intent to hire freshers in the Media & Entertainment Industry saw a decrease of 3% in January – June 2024, reveals TeamLease EdTech Career Outlook Report 2024

Intent to hire freshers in the Media & Entertainment industry stands at 18% for January-June 2024, a 3% drop from 21% in July-December 2023

There has been an overall 6% increase in fresher hiring intent across industries for the first half of 2024

Top roles in demand include Video Editors, Production Assistants, and Unity Developers, requiring skills in video creation, editing, and game development

India, 09th April,2024: The recently released ‘Career Outlook Report HY1 (January-June 2024)’ by TeamLease EdTeach points out 3% a decline in its intent to hire freshers in the Media & Entertainment industry, bucking the overall upward trend across many other sectors. While the overall intent to hire freshers rose 6% year-on-year, the report reveals a dip in the hiring outlook for the media sector.

Key insights:

Intent to hire freshers in the Media & Entertainment industry stands at 18% for January-June 2024, down from 21% in the previous half-year (July-December 2023).

This figure remains unchanged from the January-June 2023 period, indicating a pause in fresher hiring momentum for the sector.

Roles like Video Editor, Production Assistant, Unity Developer, SEO Executive, and Graphic Designer are in high demand, requiring skills in video creation, editing, game development, and digital marketing.

Delhi (27%) leads the demand for Video Editors, while Mumbai (25%) tops for Unity Developers.

Hiring trends in media and entertainment also revealed varying preferences for job roles across cities. For instance, Delhi dominates in video editing with 27%, while Bangalore leads for production assistants with 23%. Mumbai and Delhi are top choices for Unity developers, capturing 25% and 21% respectively. Chennai stands out for SEO executives with 21%, and Mumbai remains a hotspot for graphic designers at 19%.

But even smaller cities like Indore at 17% have demand for video editors, Coimbatore at 16%, Kochi at 11% needs Production Assistant. The city of Nagpur with 15% reflected demand for Unity Developers. Pune with 19%, Kochi with 13% needs SEO talent. Lastly, Chennai with 15% and Kolkata at 10% has demand for Graphic Designers.

“The Media & Entertainment sector seems to be consolidating its fresher hiring efforts, even as other industries capitalize on the positive economic sentiment,” said Shantanu Rooj, Founder and CEO of TeamLease EdTech. “This could be attributed to factors such as evolving business models, technological disruptions, and changing consumer behaviors. However, it’s important to note the emergence of positive indicators within Indian Global Capability Centers (GCCs), suggesting the beginnings of a recovery phase. While sectors are currently adjusting their workforce dynamics, this phenomenon can be seen as temporary, with the potential for hiring activities to normalize as sectors realign their growth strategies and operational needs.”

On the hiring dip in Media and Entertainment, Jaideep Kewalramani, Head of Employability Business and COO, TeamLease Edtech shared, “Despite fluctuations in hiring, the media and entertainment industry remains vibrant, brimming with potential. While current trends may paint a temporary picture of restraint, these are the exact moments that breed innovation, creativity, and resilience, shaping the future of storytelling. With the advent of AI automation and the rise of AI-augmented human roles set to transform workflows, freshers need specialized courses that are in sync with these emerging technologies.”

The survey covers 526 small, medium, and large companies across 18 industries across India. The coverage is spread across 14 geographical areas [metros, tier-1, & tier-2], reflecting the hiring sentiment.

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