Internet sensation Zayn Shah, Asia’s youngest model walks ramp in UAE

Talent and age have no specific correlation. This is proved by Zayn Shah who is winning hearts of people in UAE and entire world by his creative spark and zeal to do something big. 22 years old, and the youngest Influencer in UAE. He is a model as well as a content creator specifically on Tik Tok. Not to deny, worth a following account must say!

Good looks with a spark of cuteness, Zayn makes variety of content that wins the net! Speaking about content and influencing he says, “I started this as a hobby, I used to love making Tik Toks, I still do! It’s fun… People started liking my work and that’s how I got motivated to make more videos. Today, when I see myself, I take it as my responsibility to entertain people, it’s about making someone laugh, adore and happy! Thanks for all the love, keep loving and appreciating me!!”

This young boy has a charismatic personality and heart melting smile. Well, won’t you want such a cool profile to be seen on your feed?

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