Invest Your Hard Earned Money In Real Estate Carefully

Buying property is a profitable investment, which is why many of us choose this option. Land is a scarce commodity and it’s always in demand, irrespective of prevailingeconomic situation. However, real estate investments have their own set of problems, one of which is transfer of ownership. There have been numerous cases in the past where the same property was sold to multiple buyers. This happens when Intekaal (mutation of property) is not done after a property is purchased. People are generally not aware of the process of Intekaal, which is why they become susceptible to frauds and cheating. Let’s take a look at all the various processes related to sale/purchase of property and how you can safeguard your real estate investments.

What is Intekaal and Jamabandi?

Intekaal is the process of getting details of your property updated in your name in government records. In case of agricultural land, the details of ownership are reflected in revenue records. These records are known with different names in different states. For example, in some northern states, it is known as Jamabandi. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, it is known as 7/12 Extract. In UP, Bihar and MP, it is known as Khasra/Khatauni. Similarly, other states and Union Territories have their own names for revenue records related to agricultural land.In case of other land and built-up property, ownership is reflected in municipal corporation records.

Why you should do Intekaal of your property?

1). To update your property in your name in government records: People usually assume that once the sale deed has been registered, they can claim full ownership of the property. This lack of information is the primary cause of all frauds and disputes related to sale/purchase of property and its ownership. The main thing to remember is that until and unless you do Intekaal of your property, it will not reflect in government records. In essence, the ownership of the property will remain with the previous owner, since the same is being reflected in government records. It’s only after you do Intekaal that government records will be updated to reflect your name as the new owner of the property.

2). To protect your real estate investment from fraud/dispute:As stated earlier, many people misuse this lack of awareness about Intekaal to commit frauds and cheat people. The most common fraud is that the same property is sold to multiple people. So, if you want to exercise complete ownership of your property, you will have to do Intekaal after you have registered the sale deed.

3). To claim government compensation:Another reason to do Intekaal is that if governmentacquires your property, the compensation will be given to the owner, as mentioned in government records. So, if you have not done Intekaal and your property is acquired by the government, the compensation will be transferred to the previous owner. To avoid such difficult situations, you should do Intekaal of your property.

In case of land and built-up property other than agricultural land, Intekaal is done by the local municipal body. In this case, Intekaal is primarily used for property tax purpose. The ownership in these types of properties is established by the registration of the sale deed.

How to do Intekaal of your property?

Once you have registered the sale deed, you need to visit the tehsildaar or lekhpaal (pattvari or talathi) office to get the Intekaal done on your property. You will need documents such as copy of registered sale deed, other transfer documents as applicable, application for Intekaal, affidavit on stamp paper, and indemnity bond on stamp paper. The lekhpaal will verify your documents and submit your application to other officers to transfer ownership of the property in your name. Once done, the governmentrecords will be updated in your name and you will have complete ownership of the property.

When you invest in real estate, make sure you do Intekaal after the sale deed has been registered. Many people have lost lakhs and crores of rupees just because they did not do Intekaal of their property in time. Intekaal is the only way to update ownership of the property in government records.

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