Investing in an IT Operations Management solution can help businesses to be cost-efficient

Enterprises turn to IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions to leverage a degree of automation for discovering, monitoring, and controlling how IT helps run the enterprise. ITOM systems manage the many physical and virtual components of the IT infrastructure to ensure their availability, health, and performance. This overall management includes cloud and on-premise resources, including storage, applications, services, hardware, software, networking, etc., to work together smoothly.

Modern ITOM solutions have been around for several decades, even as they continue to evolve into the current version. And a CAGR of 6.9% is predicted from 2019 to 2023, with more enterprises implementing ITOM systems, irrespective of the size of the enterprise.

According to Gartner, “ITOM software is intended to represent all the tools needed to manage the provisioning, capacity, performance, and availability of computing, networking and application resources — as well as the overall quality, efficiency, and experience of their delivery.”

The main benefit of implementing a platform for ITOM is that it simplifies infrastructure and services management. Almost all businesses of today’s digital-first era depend on IT managing infrastructure and services. They leverage an ITOM system to maintain IT infrastructures that are both agile and robust while managing IT operations accurately and efficiently.

Is investing in ITOM worth it?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become integral to modern ITOM and ITSM implementations. ITOM’s automated cross-team workflows provide actionable insights distributed among different teams or departments. It eliminates manual processes and simplifies repetitive tasks with zero or low-code workflows. ITOM helps make quick work of incidents by discovering previous incidents and enabling auto-resolutions to reduce service outages. These are often driven by detailed ITSM workflows that help automate responses and enable faster resolution. Clearly, it makes sense to invest in ITOM solutions because of its numerous benefits.

Enhanced visibility for a pro-active approach
ITOM gives you total visibility across the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, including its applications and services. It enables monitoring of the resources for their health and performance. Moreover, it allows the enterprise to stay ahead of potential risks and problems, offering a preventive approach and a way to track the service performance with deep insights into optimizing service delivery, performance and costs.

Automation that drives faster resolutions
ITOM solutions offer orchestration to automate IT and business processes under the ITOM umbrella. Automation helps with the discovery and service mapping of IT resources across on-premise and the cloud. This type of orchestration leads to swift remediation through codeless automation from third-party software and various applications and helps streamline and simplify IT operations management.

Enhanced productivity
Regular and frequent IT infrastructure monitoring provide insightful data to enable swift and proactive resolutions of queries. Such monitoring makes it easier to optimize cloud service delivery across multi-cloud environments. The ITOM platform also provides disaster recovery capabilities to cut downtime and ensure business continuity without disrupting productivity levels. Predictive, intelligent, real-time data helps identify and fix issues, ensuring zero device downtime.

Improved end-user experience
Proactive identification of issues leads to faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). This, in turn, offers an enhanced end-user experience. Moreover, a unified ITOM platform provides a user-friendly interface.

Scalability of ITOM solutions
Every enterprise starts with a plan to scale up. Investing in a solution can only be viable if it can scale up whenever the business grows. But scaling up can be challenging for businesses but is an inevitable progression for business growth. Modern ITOM solutions are designed and architected to enable business scalability.

Easy integration capabilities
Enterprises use several third-party applications and require integration with the existing IT ecosystem. IT operations management software for cloud platforms, asset management, etc., must have integration capabilities to enable efficiency without overhauling any component of the IT infrastructure.

Lower operational costs with ITOM solutions
One of the primary benefits of implementing an effective ITOM solution is reducing costly fixes and escalations. It significantly lowers operational costs whether your IT infrastructure and services are on-premise, on the cloud, in a hybrid cloud, or in a multi-cloud environment.

Essentially ITOM solutions are here to have an IT department without investing in one in-house. Building a strong internal IT department can be costly for many enterprises. It involves hiring new resources, training them, and investing in tools they need for platform stability, service delivery, and cyber security. A robust ITOM solution offers “delivery automation, experience management, and performance analytics” to ensure a more significant ROI.

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