IRS Sahil Seth’s appearance at the Grand Finale of Miss, Mrs. & Mr. Punjwood Pageant 2022

The glamour industry is huge and celebrity appearances are often expected at the finale. IRS Sahil Seth, the  former president of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra has been appearing lately on many occasions with the motive to enlighten the youth of today. Sahil Seth was the guest judge at the grand finale of Miss, Mrs. & Mr. Punjawood Pageant 2022. The event was held on 2nd April, 2022. He has also been nominated as the Youth & Inspirational Male Icon by Leamanah on the 12th of February, 2022 for his hard-working self-excelling in the field of advancement and opportunities delivered to the youth

Mr. IRS Sahil Seth is also the Joint Commissioner – GST, Customs & Narcotics officer. His idea is to maintain peace and is a strong believer in art evolving from different parts of the globe. In the course of introducing Indians to the multi-cultural exchange of art, he has pulled up his socks by debuting in a film with a social message based on Covid 19 hygiene and education. The interest in arts also pushed Sahil to organize the first Indian art and culture celebration by the name of Timeless Expression on its 27th Anniversary of the International Delphic Council

He even debuted in a film called “Bal Naren ” alongside many known faces conveying a social message on the urgent need of the Covid Times. He is also a co-founder of Prasaracare foundation which is NGO working for upliftment of orphans and old sick abandoned parents. Since his major interest also lies in health and fitness, he has engaged in activities associated with keeping the body safe through the covid times which was soon recognized through the World Book of Records, London.

IRS Sahil Seth was also appointed the Honorary Advisory to the steering committee for the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for the 2020 term which is an association of five major national economies including India, China, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa. He along with Samaj Sevak Sagar Kumar; A social worker who does collective work with the Prasaracare foundation for which Mr. Seth is a founder appeared at the Grand Finale of Miss, Mrs. & Mr. Punjwood Pageant 2022 as the chief guests on the 2nd of April, 2022. Mr. Sagar is a well know social worker  who applauded the cause supported by the Punjwood pageant where people were given a platform to compete irrespective of any discrimination. He also suggested that more similar platforms and events should come forward to give equal opportunities to people who are not treated equally.

The Pageant was held in the city of Chandigarh after selecting 40 candidates from more than 5 cities in Punjab irrespective of age and height. Even single mothers and widows had the opportunity to compete in this pageant. The winners were awarded Miss Punjwood, Teen Punjwood, Mrs. Punjwood, and Mr. Punjwood 2022 titles.

The main theme of the event was to provide equal opportunities to the people and the participants irrespective of age, and height eliminating any kind of discrimination. The pageant was open to all talented youth along with single mothers and widows giving everyone equal opportunity to participate and compete. Everyone needs to uplift themselves. So, by supporting such initiatives Mr. IRS Sahil Seth helps to strengthen and support everyone who can’t find the confidence and platform to bring forward the talent they have. Also, the main reason is to support our brightest with no filters and acknowledge their talents, as they are the citizens of the nation

In a conversation, Sahil mentions, “The invitation received for Grand Finale of Miss, Mrs. & Mr. Punjwood Pageant 2022 as a chief guest is something I was glad to be a part of. I believe in uplifting the youth and this competition is also about recognizing the talents across the state of Punjab. People there; are extremely bright and enthusiastic. Beauty inside out is the real deal and I believe that myself. Intelligence accompanied by amazing talent and a great appearance can crack all sorts of deals in life. I would like to thank the organizer of Punjwood for inviting me and I really enjoyed the grand finale. Our country is certainly full of talents and what is more attractive is that India has an ocean of talents that we have just started discovering. I am always excited and thrilled to find new talent through such initiatives.” Mr. IRS Sahil Seth believes in drilling for talented individuals and also considers that talent has no age or shape or color. He concludes, “There is no right or wrong time to find the talent in you and if you happen to finally find it, just dig deep into it. I keep digging in every now and then to see if I am left with anything that I haven’t discovered about myself yet. You can do it too.





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