Is there anything below the Mariana Trench?

The Mariana Trench is believed to be the deepest point in the world, and the lowest point in Mariana Trench is known by the name –Challenger Deep. The gap between the tectonic plates proliferates up to 1500 miles forming the Challenger Deep point. But, the question is whether this is the deepest point or not? Is there anything below the Mariana Trench? Let us dig in deeper and find out, what is below the Mariana Trench’s deepest point.

To find out what is below Mariana Trench an expedition was conducted in the year 1875, which covered around 70,000 miles long voyage all around the globe. The team wanted to discover whether there was any other point that was more deep that the Challenger Deep or not. Therefore, they set on a sail with some weights tethered to 144 miles long ropes. The first depth that was reported was around 26,850 feet deep. The results changed when a royal vessel named HMS Challenger used sonar radiations to detect the depth of the point. The figure was reportedly 35,761 feet deep. However, due to advanced sonar technique now the actual measurement has come up to be around 36,070.

Scientists continue to put efforts to find more deep points across the world; but, none have surpassed the depth of the Mariana Trench, yet.

Life in the Trench:

Recently, the scientists have discovered there are certain creatures that survive in the harsh climatic conditions of Mariana Trench. With high pressure and darkness, the creatures are still alive and healthy. The Mariana Trench faces a scarcity of food, as the gorge is very far away from land. Therefore, reaching of the leaves or even of the trees to the bottom of the Trench is not possible. Sometimes, even the dead planktons are unable to reach that depth. Perhaps, the creatures living in that depth rely on chemical substances mostly on sulfur or methane. Also, some of the creatures feed on the lowest marine animals in the food chain.

According to the scientists, the creatures surviving in the Mariana Trench are mainly amphipods, holothurians, and xenophyophores.

Pollution in the Trench:

Unfortunately, as Mariana Trench is the deepest point it possesses greater risks of deposition of chemical substance. According to the reports released in the latest study, the chemical substances that were discarded by humans in the 1970s are found as litter and pollutants in the deepest point on the Earth.

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